Top 10 Cleanest Railway Stations in India

Indian government takes major care of its railway wealth. The nation holds the world’s third-largest railway network transporting billions of people every day. With the given population and liberal pollution and littering policies, it is harder to keep train stations, spot-less. However, some local governments have taken immense effort to create a better impression of their railway stations and standards to the locals and the tourists.

Here are the top 10 cleanest train stations in the country.

1. Surat Railway Station

Gujarat is one of the cleanest states in the country and thus, it is not a surprise to see Surat’s train station in the first position. Surat is the second largest city of Gujarat and it is considered as the cleanest train station of the country.

Surat Train Station

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2. Rajkot Railway Station

The second position also goes to a train station in Gujarat. Under the recent budget, the station received major infrastructure and automation development. This helped the station to rank up high in this list. Many new facilities were recently added to the station like plush waiting rooms, electronic reservations, cafeteria, and others.

Rajkot Railway Station

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3. Bilaspur Railway Station

This is one of the major train stations of Chhattisgarh. This station holds the country’s third-longest platform. This is one of the prime train stations and sees a lot of foot traffic throughout the day. Yet, it is maintained in a clean ambiance to get to the third position on this list.

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Bilaspur Railway Station

4. Solapur Railway Station

Located in the Solapur region of Maharashtra, this is another major train station that gets commercial and trade based traffic. This is not the only clean station in Maharashtra.

Solapur Railway Station

5. Mumbai Central Station

This station is one of the busiest in the country. You can find trains from this station to many states at the nooks and corners of the country. You can find many important trains originating and halting at this station, including many luxury trains in the country. Thus, this station is maintained clean, with high priority.

Mumbai Central Station

6. Beas Junction Railway Station

This is a small town railway station that falls under the Firozpur division. It is a very small station with just two platforms and a handful of commuters using it, on a regular basis. Comparatively, this station receives lesser foot traffic than other stations mentioned in this list. However, it is appreciated to be clean enough to bank a place on this list.

Beas Station

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7. Thiruvananthapuram Central Station

This 87 years old station serves more than 40 thousand passengers per day. With five platforms and numerous trains passing by, this is one of the major connecting points for Kerala. The train is maintained with hygiene and high-end facilities like modern security, waiting rooms, cafeterias, and others. To maintain the cleanliness, the housekeeping department is outsourced. It is said that more than 300 kg of waste is removed from the station everyday and it is kept spotless.

thiruvananthapuram central station

8. Kacheguda Railway Station

Apart from being one of the cleanest train stations in the country, it is also recognized as a Green Station. This train station’s waste management provides better disposal of solid wastes and has taken many anti-littering activities to avoid degradation of the station. Afforestation and plantation efforts are also made to make the station look more beautiful. The department is working towards making this station, the country’s first with ISO-14001 certification.

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Kacheguda Railway Station - Hyderabad

9. Vasco-Da-Gama Railway Station

This is one of the major landmarks of Goa. The famous trains covering the Konkan routes reach Goa via Vasco-Da-Gama Railway Station. Goa is a prime tourism destination and thus, the railway department takes extra pressure to showcase this station as an icon of the region. You can find various attractions around this train station. Thus, the number of tourists visiting Goa via trains is increasing every year.

vasco-da-gama railway station

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10. Kumbakonam Railway Station

Kumbakonam is a temple town of Tamil Nadu. This southern region railway station sees flocks of pilgrims during religious times. Thus, as a part of developing India’s heritage for tourism, this temple town’s railway station is kept spotless.

Kumbakonam Railway Station

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Apart from these, there are numerous other stations around the country famous for being clean and hygienic. There is no standard scale to rank the stations based on the cleanliness. This listing is just an ambiguous method to determine the list of clean train stations in the country.

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