The Golden Eagle – Luxury Trans-Siberian Train

The Golden Eagle Luxury Trans-Siberian train is a premium train with 21 cars. It offers a trip through the beautiful and historical places like China, Russia and Mongolia. The state of the art facilities guarantees an unforgettable journey. You can feel at home with stylish decorations and en-suite bathrooms.

The tour varies, some take a leisurely two weeks and cross eight time zones, making sure you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. There will be 24/7 service by the highly qualified attendants. Travel like royalty at the Golden Eagle because it is the only train in Russia that is unmatched in luxury, style and comfort.

History of The Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle train is since the time of soviet union. It has been offering trips across Russia and now for Eastern and Western Europe from 3 decades. The train is well-appointed but unpretentious and what the company does not have in pride is compensated for by unique moments full of bubbles, caviar, and excessive.

Over the last 29 years, Golden Eagle Luxury trains are well known for the operation of most luxurious and pioneer train journeys. Golden Eagle train is Russia’s premier train, was launched in 2007 by GW Travel. Just prior to the end of communism across Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, the company was set up in 1989.

Golden Eagle

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No matter, what kind of destination you choose, Golden Eagle luxury train had well built en-suite cabins, elegant surroundings and fine dining. First class service is provided in the train with a personal cabin attendant service, available at any time for taking care of your needs.

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The Golden Eagle train is beautifully designed with enchanting enjoyment, comfort and relaxation. It also contains Restaurant cars, Bar Lounge car and a private sleeping cabin.

Cabin of the Golden Eagle

Cabin of the Golden Eagle

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Dining Onboard The Golden Eagle

Highly skilled executive chefs used to prepare delicious meals in a beautifully designed restaurant car. It is really a wonderful venue for enjoying sumptuous meals.

Enjoy the bountiful breakfast every morning with a fresh selection of cereals, fruits, freshly squeezed orange juice, steaming hot coffee, tea and squeezed orange juice. Many dietary options are available for the lunch and dinner which will be welcomed by the Guest Relations Manager. From Russian gourmet specialties such as Atlantic Sturgeon and Pacific Sockeye Salmon to quality international cuisine, all meals are carefully prepared by other Executive chef and crew on board.

Golden Eagle Restaurants

Restaurants of Golden Eagle Train

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Relax and Unwind In Bar Lounge Car

Long train journeys may give a long-lasting friendship. You may read a novel, play a game of cards and enjoy the comfortable surroundings in the bar lounge cars. All the programme activities are managed by the Tour Manager here.

Passengers will receive the daily itineraries on a paper which includes all the details of the train like next destination, arrival and departure timings, latest weather forecasting, activities and excursions.

Restaurant cars and Bar Lounge cars are well known for enlightening and entertainment. They conduct expert lectures on the local culture and history, language lessons. The bar will be open up until the last person leaves. Every evening during the journey, Bar Lounge car will be providing the facility of melodies piano playing for their travellers.

Bar Lounge Car at the Golden Eagle

Bar Lounge Car at the Golden Eagle

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Destination Covered

One can journey across 1/3rd of the world, starting from Vladivostok to Russia in the Golden Eagle Luxury train. You can encounter unique architecture of Siberia’s wooden cottages, remote culture and Moscow’s onion domes. In the comfort of the luxury train, one can experience the snow-capped Ural Mountains, exiles, trace the history of tsars and Mongols.


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The destinations include

  • Vladivostok, Russia
  • Khabarovsk
  • Ulaanbaatar, MonGolia
  • Ulan UDE, Russia
  • Lake Baikal
  • Irutsk
  • Yekaterinburg
  • Kazan
  • Moscow
  • St.Peterburg

The Best Train Trip in the World

The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian train journey is the most comfortable and exotic train journey which travels almost 12,000 km from Vladivostok to Moscow. It offers a 14 days itinerary which travels from North to the West.

The journey takes place during the night time and by the morning time, it will reach the new destination. Morning is all about sightseeing along with the local guides. The Golden Eagle train contains 13 carriages which carry only 62 passengers that too with great comfort.

The most impressive thing about the gold class cabins is the spacious, double bedded, full sized shower, sitting area and a fold down bunk. There will be a 24 hours service which offers delicious meals in the impressive restaurant cars, club car for the relaxing drinks and chit chatting.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The price will be charged per person and the payment will be accepted in dollars except for UK residents.

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Imperial Twin: $ 33, 995

Gold Class Twin: $20, 595 , single : $30, 995

Silver Class Twin: $16,995 , single: $24, 995

Checkout the Palace on Wheels fares and departure dates

How to Buy Tickets?

The ticket price includes all the meals, dinner and breakfast starting from the 1st day to the end of the journey. It also includes wine, soft drinks, beer, coffee, tea, service of a doctor, 24 hours coffee and mineral water facility.

The ticket price is not included with facilities like extra baggage charges, insurance, domestic airfares and visas. It is a booking condition that every person who travels in the trains must be fully insured for any kind of medical expenses. You can book the tickets on the official website of the train.

How to Book

Travel Tips

1. It is better to buy the tickets in advance to avoid any disappointment since the Golden Eagle train had limited departures in a year and high demand as well.
2. You must choose the right cabin for your trip, according to comfort and convenience.
3. There are porters at each of the stations and the hotel to help with your luggage on and off.
4. There is a senior tour leader and several assistants depending on the total number of passengers.

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