10 Super Fast and High Speed Trains of India

In India, Railways plays a vital role in connecting people to any farther places in the country through its vast and complex railway network. Railways of India always look crowded with hordes of people traveling from one place to another place restlessly for their various purposes.

To meet all the needs and necessaries of the people, Indian Railways introduced many facilitated trains with high speeds, huge capacity holding, and moreover luxury trains also taken into the force to satisfy the travelers from all over the world who want to explore India.

Even more India Railways striving their best to bring many more efficient trains for people to make their journey soft and easygoing.

Here we discuss about the India’s top 10 super fast and high speed trains with complete information.

1.  Gatimaan Express (12049/12050):

At present, Gatiman Express is the fastest train in India with tremendous speed of 160 Km/h. It covers only two major tourist destinations, they are New Delhi and Agra. This train chases the 188 Kms distance between H Nizamuddin and Agra within 1 hour 40 minutes.

The facilities of the train also appreciable because it equips fire alarms technology, automatic sliding doors, bio-toilets, multimedia accessing, GPS-based passenger information. And restaurant on board with North Indian and South Indian specials also a best facility providing by the train.

Maximum Speed: 160 Km/h (99 mph)

Average Speed: 91.25 km/h (57 mph)

Service days: Daily (Except Friday because Taj Mahal remains closed).

Gatimaan Express

2.  Bhopal Shatabdi Express (12001/12002):

Bhopal Shatabdi Express is the first train of Shatabdi Express series and also it is the second fastest train in India with 150 km/h extreme speed. It circuits in between New Delhi and Bhopal with covering a distance of 707 kms in 8 hours 25 minutes at eight halting stations. The train is fully air-conditioned and it serves meals, coffee/tea, snacks, water bottle, etc. Meals will be covered in ticket fare only. And the train holds 14 AC chair cars and 2 AC First class, so we can understand that this train is mainly for seating.

Maximum Speed: 150 km/h (93 mph)

Average Speed: 100 km/h (62 mph)

Service days: Daily

Halt Stops: Mathura Jn, Agra Cantonment, Morena, Gwalior, Jhansi Jn, Lalitpur Jn, Bhopal Jn, and stops at Habibganj.

Bhopal Shatabdi Express

3.  Mumbai Rajdhani Express (12951/12952):

The first train introduced the reservation system in railways is Mumbai Rajdhani Express and also this train is one of the fastest trains in India with a maximum speed of 140 km/h. The train runs through Mumbai Central to New-Delhi by covering 1,384 kms in 15 hours 42 minutes. It covers almost the western part of India with six halting stations. Mumbai Rajdhani facilitates one AC 1st class coach, five AC 2 tier class coaches, and eleven AC 3 tier class coaches.

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Maximum Speed: 140 km/h (86.9 mph)

Average Speed: 90 km/h (56.7 mph)

Service Days: Daily.

Halt Stops: Borivali, Surat, Vadodara Jn, Ratlam Jn, Nagda Jn, and Kota Jn.

Mumbai Rajdhani Express

4.  Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi (12033/12034):

Why the train was called as Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi means, it follows the reverse schedule of Lucknow Shatabdi. Actually, due to the huge crowd on Lucknow Shatabdi Express this train was specially introduced by Indian Railways. This train serves in between New Delhi and Kanpur with a maximum speed of 140 km/h. It covers the distance of 437 kms in 5 hours by halting at 3 stops. The train equips AC chair car and Executive chair car so there will be no sleeper classes. And snacks, tea and coffee will be served on the train.

Maximum Speed: 140 km/h (86.9 mph)

Average Speed: 87.4 km/h (54 mph)

Service Days: Daily (Except Sunday)

Halt Stops: Ghaziabad, Aligarh, and Etawah.

Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi

5.  Sealdah Duronto Express (12259/12260):

Sealdah Duronto Express is familiarly known in Eastern India as non-stop express with a peak speed of 135 km/h. The train with service number 12259 travels through Sealdah to New-Delhi without halting stops but reversing service 12260 travels from New-Delhi to Sealdah with four halt stops in West Bengal and Delhi. In between New-Delhi and Sealdah, the total distance of 1452 kms will be covered by train in 16 hours 55 minutes but in return journey, it takes 21 hours to complete. Overall, the train holds one AC first class, four AC 2 tier, and nine AC 3 tier coaches.

Maximum Speed: 135 km/h (83 mph)

Average Speed: 85 km/h (52 mph)

Service Days: (12599) – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

(12560) – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Halt Stops: (12560) -Kanpur Central, Mughalsarai Jn, Dhanbad Jn, and Sealdah.

Sealdah Duronto Express

6.  Luxury Trains:

Indian Railways united with State Tourism Boards introduced a new era in Railways of India by implementing luxury trains. To promote tourism of India through railways this idea of luxury trains has emerged. What’s the theme of the luxury trains means, enjoying the tourist wonders in a rich and classy manner. This type of trains will look very grandeur and royal with wonderful interiors and equipment. Everything will be available on the train from food to bed. It means the trains will be equipped with special rooms or suites, restaurants, sitting lounges, bar & spa, and gym area.

Experience with Indian luxury trains will like so luxurious and opulence. But you have to book certain itinerary packages of the trains in advance not to disappoint of vacancy shortage. For foreigners, luxury trains are the best choice to cover India’s tourist attractions in a few days.

List of Luxury trains: Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Maharajas Express, and Golden Chariot. These are India’s top prior luxury trains.

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Luxury Train

View More: Palace on Wheels Pictures

Know more about Palace on Wheels:

7.  Howrah Rajdhani Express:

Howrah Rajdhani Express is the first Rajdhani Express in India and also the first train equipped the full air-conditioning facility. It’s also India’s one of the finest fastest trains with a fast speed of 130 km/h. The train plays a key role in connecting New Delhi to Kolkata with its two major services. The train with service numbers (12301/12302) and (12305/12306) travels in between New Delhi and Howrah. Through this train, many holy sites of Buddhists can be covered.

Moreover, free WiFi facility on the train is another gripping facility and snacks, meals, tea/coffee, will also provide on the train because they will be charged in ticket fare.

(12301/12302): This service covers 1,451 kms in approx 17 hours through Gaya junction. The train route goes on (New Delhi – Kanpur Central – Allahabad Jn – Mughal Sarai Jn – Gaya Jn – Parasnath – Dhanbad Jn – Howrah Jn).

Average Speed: 85 km/h (53 mph).

(12305/12306): This service covers 1,430 kms in approx 19 hours 40 minutes through Patna junction. The train route goes on (Howrah Jn – Barddhaman Jn – Madhupur Jn – Jasidih Jn – Patna Jn – Mughal Sarai Jn – Allahabad Jn – Kanpur Central – New Delhi).

Average Speed: 79 km/h (49 mph).

Services: Howrah Rajdhani Express runs 6 days via Gaya route and on Sunday it runs via Patna route.

howrah rajdhani express

8.  Nizamuddin – Bandra Garib Rath (12909/12910):

Garib Rath services are mainly meant for poor and needy people. In Garib Rath category, Bandra Terminus H.Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express is the most superfast express with a high speed of 130km/h. This train renders its services in between Mumbai and New Delhi with 7 halting stops and by covering 1366 kms. As we mentioned, the train is mainly meant for poor that’s why the train equips some AC conditioned coaches only but berths and seating are more when compared to other Express trains. And, also pantry car also not equipped to train.

Maximum Speed: 130 km/h (81 mph)

Average Speed: 82 km/h (50.95 mph)

Service Days: (12909) – Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

(12910) – Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Halt Stops: Mathura Jn, Kota Jn, Ratlam Jn, Dahod, Vadodara Jn, Surat, and Borivali.

Nizamuddin - Bandra Garib Rath

9.  Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad AC Double Decker Express (12931/12932):

If anyone has a passion to travel in Double Decker train means it can be fulfilled with Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad AC Double Decker Express. It runs through Mumbai central to Ahmedabad with rapid speed of 130 kmp/h. An interesting thing about the train is it acts as the brand ambassador for Savlon soap to promote Savlon Swasth India Mission through its exteriors wrapped with vinyl wrapping advertisements.

The train covers the journey of 491 kms in 7 hours by halting at 8 stops. And the train is equipped with fully air-conditioned 12 AC chair cars and 2 EOG cars so sleeper classes will not be available on the train.

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Maximum Speed: 130 km/h (81 mph)

Average Speed: 68.52 km/h (43 mph)

Service Days: Daily (Except Sundays)

Halt Stops: Borivali, Vapi, Valsad, Navsari, Surat, Bharuch Jn, Vadodara Jn, Anand Jn, and Nadiad Jn.

Mumbai Central - Ahmedabad AC Double Decker Express

10.  Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express (12907/12908):

In Sampark Kranti Expresses, Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express is the fastest train with a maximum speed of 110 km/h. The services of the train take place between Bandra Terminus in Mumbai and H.Nizamuddin in Delhi. But this train is bi-weekly scheduled train stops at 3 halting points only. The average time takes by the train to cover the distance of 1,366 kms is approx 20 hours. Pantry car is available on the train so snacks, tea/coffee, meals, etc will be supplied and the train equips AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, sleeper, and general classes.

Maximum Speed: 110 km/h (68.35 mph)

Average Speed: 68 km/h (37.28 mph)

Service Days: (12907) – Sunday and Wednesday.

(12908) – Monday and Thursday.

Halt Stops: Borivali, Vadodara, and Kota.

Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express

Every train placed above is India’s present super fast and high-speed trains making journey smooth and fast accessing. A small note is the service numbers of train indicates forward and reverse journey of the train.

FAQ’s of Super Fast and High Speed Trains of India:

Q. Which is the super-fast train in India?

A. The Shatabdi Express is a super-fast train in India. It runs at 150km per hour. This train is air-conditioned. The train is well-maintained by the train authority.

Q. Which railway zone is the largest?

A. The Northern railway zone is the largest railway zone across the country. In total there are 18 railway zones. The head office of the Northern railway zone is located in New Delhi, the capital of India.

Q. Which is the longest tunnel in India?

A. The longest tunnel in India is the PirPanjal tunnel. The tunnel is 11.215 km long. Earlier the Karbude Tunnel was the longest tunnel in India. This tunnel lies in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas in J&K.

Q. Which is the best railway zone in India?

A. The South Eastern Railway zone is the best railway zone in India. The head office of the SER zone is in Kolkata.

Q. Which railway station in India is a world heritage site?

A. The UNESCO declared that the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a World Heritage Site. This railway station is located in the Mumbai city, the economic capital of India. Mumbai is also the location of the head office of the Central railway zone.

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