Sariska National Park – A Detailed Guide

The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary former hunting grounds of the Maharajah of Alwar spreads across 800 sq. Km of land amidst the scenic Aravalli Hills. There are various land terrains present in this tiger reserve including rocky terrain, vast grasslands, hill slopes and sharp cliffs, dry and arid shrub forests, etc.

Some of the region also forms part of the Kathiawar and Gir forests and the Sariska Tiger Reserve is now a famous tourist spot for nature lovers, history buffs and wildlife enthusiasts. There is a protected area and you can find the rare Royal Bengal Tiger in this Sariska Tiger Reserve as it is called now. There are also other temples that date back to tenth century within this place. The best way to view the area is from the Kankwari fort. There is also a Neelkanth Mahadeo temple constructed by Bargujars nearby.

History of Sariska National Park

The Maharajah of Alwar used to go on the hunting expeditions in the ancient times. These ancient jungles has a mention in mythology as it is believed that the Pandava brothers roamed in this central forest area during exile. This is known as Pandu Pol. In the year 1955 it was made to be a wildlife reserve.

This wildlife sanctuary was declared a national park and tiger in the year 1978. This tiger reserve was the very first one in the country to start relocating tigers under the Indian Governments Project Tiger Scheme as there was a sudden decline in their numbers. They successfully relocated these tigers who later became a better number.

Sariska National Park

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Wildlife Safari in Sariska National Park

This is one of the greatest adventure activities for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The Wildlife Safari in Sariska National Park is one of the best experience of the visit to Sariska. There are Sariska Wildlife Camps so you are in close proximity to the Tiger Reserve and nature offered by resorts. Visitors camping can have a great time together with loved ones enjoying all the amenities offered.

The best wildlife tour of Sariska Tiger Reserve is by Jeep Safari. You can book this at the Forest Reception Center situated on Jaipur road. The wildlife reserve has specific timings for tourists but is open all year for photography. There are opportunities to book a waterhole as there is better chance to view wildlife closely.

Jeep Safari in Sariska National Park

Jeep Safari in Sariska National Park

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The monsoon season has the best flora in the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary as much plantation dries up during summer months. Mostly, the region topography includes hill cliffs, rocky terrain, dry and arid forests, etc.

Much of the reserve is filled with Dhok, Khair, Ber and Tendu of many other deciduous trees and shrubs. These make up most of the tree plantations in the wildlife sanctuary but there are also plants that grow in moist regions such as bamboos, Bahera, Arjun, Jamoon, Aam, etc. that grow to decent size over the banks of various water streams.

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Flora in Sariska

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The Wildlife Safari would first make you think only about the big cats and Royal Bengal Tiger. There are several other wild species that you can witness in the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. This includes jungle cats, wild dogs, jaguars, jackals, wild boar, porcupine, caracal, and the rare Chital, Sambhar and Nilgai too. There is a specific region to spot a specific wild species. The Sambhar is best seen in Slopka and Nilgai in Kalighati and Tarunda.

You can find the Chitals in Kundli and Chausingha in Pondupole Nalla. The four horned antelopes are known as Chausinga in India. The best place to find Rhesus monkeys is Talviksh where they are found in big numbers at a time whereas Langurs can be spotted in several places including Slopka, Kalighati as well as Pandupole.

The Sariska Wildlife Safari and Tiger Reserve has several species of birds and peafowl. Rare types of eagles like Crested Serpent and Indian Eagle Owl and various birds like Bush Quail, White Throat Kingfisher, Tree Pie, Grey Partridge, Woodpecker, Sand Grouse, and horned owl among nearly 225 bird species.

Fauna in Sariska National Park

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Wildlife Safari Timings

There specific timings in different seasons as mentioned here:

Safari in Winter

In winter season, there are two slots for the safari as given below:

Morning Safari Slot: 6.30 AM to 10.30 AM

Evening Safari Slot: 2 PM to 6 PM

Safari in Summer

It is same two slots for the Summer Season Safari with different timings given below:

Morning Safari Slot: 6 AM to 10 AM

Evening Safari Slot: 2.30 PM to 6.30 PM

Climate of Sariska National Park

The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary has climatic conditions that are unpredictable. No point of time in the year the forest does not receive downpour. However, this is the reason why there are green forests all year round. The monsoons gifts a beautiful look when compare to the dry and arid landscape due to the summer months.

However the summers are very hot especially in the months of April and May. Temperatures even go up to 49 degrees. So, you can say this is the best time to view the wild cats in their natural habitat (for those who are able to endure the blistering summer).

Now you can understand that after the summer the monsoons do not give much respite. This is because the temperatures do not take an immediate dip. Again you can owe this to the insufficient rainfall even during monsoon. Hence the temperature does not fall beyond a few numbers.

During the winter months temperatures range from 15 degrees to 4 degrees. The chilly period is worst at the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary during the months of October to March. Hence you can say that the Climate of Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is extreme.

Best Season to Visit Sariska National Park

Winter is very cold and monsoon is a good season but the sanctuary is closed from July to September. From October to June the Sariska National Park is open to visitors. As mentioned earlier in the guide that summer months are scorching hot but it is best season to visit the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary to spot the wild animals drinking water.

How to Reach Sariska National Park

Visitors can easily reach the Sariska National Park from many major cities across the country.

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By Air: Nearest Airport to Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is Jaipur Airport

By Train: Nearest railway station to Sariska wildlife sanctuary is Alwar Railway station. If you want to take a luxurious ride than you can choose the Palace on Wheels India which offers world-class amenities and services onboard the train.

By Road: Best route is through Daruhera – Alwar – Sariska route from Delhi.

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Distance Between major cities and Sariska National Park

The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is accessible from prime cities which is national capital Delhi and State Capital city of Jaipur. However, the closest town of Alwar is roughly 36 km distance from the National Park. This is how to reach Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary from Delhi and Jaipur.

1. Delhi

Distance: 215 KM

By Air: Travel by flight to Delhi Airport and take road transport from there like taxi.

By Rail: Nearest railway station to Sariska wildlife sanctuary is Alwar Railway station. The Jaipur – Delhi Express connects to this closest station to Sariska which is nearly 37 kilometers distance. From here, take a taxi or bus service to travel by road.

By Road: Bus service is available from Alwar railway station to Sariska. By car, the travel time takes 3 – 4 hours which is road distance of 158 kilometers.

2. Jaipur

Distance: 121 KM

By Air: Travel by flight to Jaipur Airport situated nearly 108 kilometers from the national park. The airport connects with all major cities of India like Mumbai, Agra, Jodhpur, Delhi, etc. by flight.

By Rail: Nearest railway station to Sariska wildlife sanctuary is Alwar Railway station. The Jaipur – Delhi Express connects to this closest station to Sariska which is nearly 37 kilometers distance. From here, take a taxi or bus service and travel by road.

By Road: Bus service is available from Alwar railway station to Sariska.

Jaipur to Sariska Distance by NH21 / NH248 / RJ SH 13 – 120 km

Best Places to Stay in Sariska

Tourists and Visitors have various options to select their stay amidst the beautiful surrounding jungles of Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

Here are the Best Places to Stay in Sariska:

1. Wildlife Camps

This is a fun-filled adventure by camping in nature and close to the Sariska Tiger Reserve. These tents with canvas walls are private and have amenities for your requirements. There is also place to unwind in the nature with gazebos, swimming pools, etc. Distance to the Tiger Reserve is 16 km. The check IN time is 11 AM and Check OUT time is 10 AM.

Wildlife Camps at Sariska

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2. Sariska Palace

You can also stay at the Sariska Palace which is situated on the borders of the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. Enjoy the natural surroundings and stay in lovely resort suites and you can witness the French regal architecture of the Palace. There is also swimming, fitness & spa, courtyards, lawns, etc. and you can go on a Wildlife Safari as it is very close to the Sariska Jungles.

Sariska Palace

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3. Sariska Resort

This is situated amidst the great Aravali hills about 20 km from Sariska Tiger Reserve and 3 km from the Siliserh Lake. The facilities include running hot or cold water, rooftop or green open air sit out area, cots, and delectable food in the 10 exquisite rooms in the Sariska Resort.

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Sariska Resort

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4. Tiger Heaven Resort

This is one of the closest to the region and is only 4 hours from Indian Capital – Delhi and 2 hours from the State Capital – Jaipur. The resort has stone with terracotta rooftop luxury tents (16), cozy cottages (10), Spacious rooms (14) and a restaurant that serves delectable traditional cuisine.

Tiger Haven Resort

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5. V Resorts Sariska

This is one of the best experience of Sariska as you stay so close to nature by listening to the rare sounds of nature like bird calls. There is a chance to wake up to a rare breed call in the nearby trees.

Many tourists are attracted to this place where there is well appointed tent rooms with canvas roof and amenities such as dining area, poolside, V Resort common room to unwind, gazebos, and sit outs. They serve traditional Rrajasthani Thali here.

V Resorts Sariska

6. PRIM Resorts

This is another favorite for tourists as it is situated close to the Siliserh Lake and nearby to the Sariska Tiger Reserve. There is also favorable climate as it is surrounded with forests and the scenic Aravalli Hills. So, you can enjoy viewing the lakes, hills, trees, and peaceful surroundings. There are also activities to entertain the guests like indoor and outdoor games, and also a Sariska National Park Safari in addition to a swimming pool and courtyards.

PRIM Resorts

7. Aamod Resort

The Aamod resort offers a decent stay with necessary amenities and it is situated very close to the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar city. Visitors who stay here enjoy the Heritage look as well as the up to date amenities offered here. There is also a restaurant that serves various cuisines. There are also and outdoor games to entertain the guests. The Aamod Resort also has a spa therapy center and swimming pool message Conference Hall.

Aamod Resort

8. Gulmohar Sariska Resort

This is one of the best Sariska resorts that boasts of luxury and closeness to nature. It is also the best place to find the blend of traditional and modern architecture with rooms giving an amazing view to surrounding forests. Rooms are equipped with various facilities including AC/ heating and a television. Moreover the flooring has wooden floor/ Rajasthani marble floor options.

Other amenities include Drive-In parking, laundry service, around the clock room service and swimming pool. In addition to the lush lawns there is also a nature farm within the premises of the resort. Guests can stay entertained with indoor games like carom board, chess board, table tennis and outdoor games like badminton, cricket volleyball etc.

The multi-cuisine restaurant serves delectable food. There are also other services for guests such as on call taxi service, on call doctor and sightseeing arrangements including wildlife tours and jungle safari.

Gulmohar Sariska Resort

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