Rajasthan to Agra by Palace on Wheels: What to Expect

Palace on Wheels is the best pickup choice to explore the wonders of Rajasthan and Agra just in a week while. Starting its journey from Delhi Safdarjung Railway station, Palace on Wheels covers all wonderful touristic attractions of Rajasthan and Agra. Its regal interiors and world-class setup everything on the board makes everyone to leave in awestruck. Simply, there is a lot to expect from the Palace on Wheels train journey from embarking to disembarking.

Palace on Wheels Rajasthan

Let’s know what you have to expect more and more in between Rajasthan and Agra journey with the Palace on Wheels.

Before you book

Your booking on the train decides how much you have to expect. We know that the Palace on Wheels train is a luxury train and journey through it will be also costly. So according to your booking cabins and preferences on the train decides what you have to expect more.

For example, if you choose a Deluxe cabin a little bit of royalty and richness will be less when compared to Super Deluxe cabins. But in Super Deluxe Cabin everything will look regal and cozy. So this point clears that according to your cabin selection our expectations depends. But this point limits for cabins only and the remaining things on the train will be equally accessible to everyone.

What to Expect in Accommodation choices and cabin amenities

Mainly in the Palace on Wheels, there will be two types of accommodations. They are Deluxe Cabins and Super Deluxe Cabins.

Here explained about them in detail mannered.

Deluxe Cabins

Totally, there are 39 deluxe cabins avail on the train and for each coach three cabins were arranged. All these deluxe cabins reflect different architect styles and themes according to the names allotted to the cabins. Every cabin will be equipped with all basic luxurious amenities and facilities. Especially, a private bathroom for every cabin holds the all modern equipment like shower cubicle, 24 hours hot & cold water running, towels, toiletries, and hairdryer.

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The basic facilities available in Deluxe cabins are the fully air-conditioning system, WiFi facility, Safe locks, Indoor games, writing desk with chairs, complimentary snacks and drinks etc. And beds in the cabins will be arranged as a double bed or twin bed as per the guest requirement. These are all things you can expect in the Palace on Wheels Deluxe cabins.

Deluxe Cabin of Palace on Wheels

Super Deluxe Cabins

Only 2 Super Deluxe Cabins will avail on the train and this type of cabins are very luxurious and rich. The interiors of the cabins look very royal and grandeur with mind-blowing decors. Most of all the facilities and amenities arranged in Super Deluxe Cabin are equal to Deluxe cabins. But a little bit difference will be there.

As usual, everything will be equipped in the cabins such as Air-Conditioning, Safe locks, Indoor games, writing desk with chairs, Internet facility etc and also a private bathroom with a modern setup. Beds equipped in this cabin are queen size double beds. Overall, Deluxe cabins and Super Deluxe Cabins seems to same but there will be slight differences in facilities and favors.

Super Deluxe Cabin of Palace on Wheels

Assistance on the train

Yes, for every cabin one person will assist to help you or to do the requests from you. The person will be called as Khidmatgar (Attendant). If any work to be done or to go anywhere in the train, or anything help need, the personal attendant will do all the favors.

The attendant will help you to go to the restaurant, bar, gym area, spa, etc. They will give complete information on whatever you want to know about train facilities or anything and also they serve the snacks or tea directly to your cabin. Simply, from embarking to disembarking the train in every matter they will always be there at your cabin to serve and help.

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Food at Palace on Wheels restaurants

The two restaurants of the Palace on Wheels can be said as the major key aspects. The “Maharajah” and “Maharani” restaurants reflect their royalty through their names. As like the names they hold, the restaurants exhibit grand interiors and furnishings. Having food at these restaurants is like having food in an Imperial Palace.

Then what to expect high in the Palace on Wheels restaurants means everything is mind-blowing and unbelievable. Food at these restaurants is very fresh and well-cooked. Why because the ingredients will come to the kitchen from different destinations of the train. That’s why the cuisines available in the restaurants are delicious and hygienic.

Maharajah Restaurant of Palace on Wheels

Maharajah Restaurant of Palace on Wheels

More information on Palace on Wheels:

After all this, the deliciousness of available cuisines onboard is the next level. Every item or dish of Palace on Wheels two restaurants makes everyone in amusement of enjoying the taste of various specials. Rajasthani, Indian, Chinese, and Continental are the specials includes in the menu of restaurants. Even if you are on the train you can taste the different varieties like a King or a Queen.

Finally, what are the specials you can try means, it is not an easy thing to say. Because every item onboard is special and must-try that maybe Indian varieties or International varieties. However, never forget to try Chef’s special on the train.

Fish Florentine

Fish Florentine

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What to do onboard the train

There is a lot to do and enjoy onboard of Palace on Wheels. In a word, infinite things are there to do in the train apart from off-train excursions. Guests can go for playing indoor games, can relax in bar and spa, can do workouts in the gym area, can go for souvenir shopping, etc like this many things are there to do onboard.

To get relax from outdoor tours a well-stocked bar serves different varieties of Indian and international wine brands and moreover, music adds to this to get time pass enjoying with wine sips. And the spa is another best place to rejuvenate your body with ayurvedic massages and therapies.

In addition to all this, the lounge of the train is the next best place. Here you can pen a write and can chat with fellow friends on the train. A T.V and a mini library will also there in the lounge. So, you can happily read different books by enjoying the scenic views of outside the train or can get entertain with the accessible T.V in the lounge. Overall, these are all the things to do onboard. Through this, we can understand that journey with Palace on Wheels never gets bored even if we are in train.

Palace on Wheels Bar

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With all this, you only have to estimate your expectations are reaching the royalty of Palace on Wheels or not. But it’s sure everyone gets shocked when they get on Palace on Wheels due to the perfect mix of royalty and luxuriousness.

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