A Review of Palace on Wheels Tour and its Signature Itinerary

India's Palace on Wheels

The pioneer of luxury train travel in India, Palace on Wheels is famous for its signature itinerary, which is mimicked by almost all the luxury trains in the country. This itinerary adds all the elements of tourism like natural sightseeing, architectural sightseeing, wildlife, heritage sites, cultural performances and historic elements. If you are planning to cover Rajasthan or if it

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Palace On Wheels Train the Best Way to Visit India

Dream cities, streets that preserves stories, majestic palaces, temples with deep meanings, vibrant colors, exotic smells, intense flavors, warm people and a diverse wildlife; all this concept inside the most extensive country of the whole continent, which has been the biggest asian attraction for many foreigners, but how to enjoy all these spectacular places that India can offer with an

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