Most Popular Mosques in Rajasthan

While Rajasthan is most popular for the Rajputana culture and rich history of the brave kings, there also was a period when the Muslims ruled the state. This spread the Islamic culture in Rajasthan and the state that we see now is a blend of the Hindu Rajput and the Muslim cultures, isn’t that a perfect example of Unity in diversity? There are some beautiful dargahs and mosques which add to the beauty and splendour of Rajasthan.

Idgah of Ajmer

You must also take time to visit these marvels along with the palaces, forts and other popular places. A few eminent mosques are:

1. Ukha Masjid

Ukha Masjid was built as early as 720 AD and is situated in Bavana, Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. It is believed that a temple was converted to mosque inside a complex built by Baha al-din Tughrul. This sacred blend of temple-mosque is also called as Mosque of Ukha Mandir. The whole construction is with red sandstone which gives it a royal and rich look.

2. Nabi Qari Hamid Al-din Masjid

Situated in the Kharadi area of the Pali district, this mosque is an architectural marvel that has an architecture similar to the mosques found during the Khilji dynasty’s rule. It was built in the late 13th century by Sutan al-Tarikin. This mosque is the only structure in Nagaur and boasts of being the first Islamic building in the town.

3. Khanzadon ki Masjid

This masjid is located inside a fort on top of a hill in Bari Khatu, Rajasthan. This mosque was constructed during the rule of Majlis-i-Ali Feroz Khan, son of Salah Khan in the year 1482 AD, as seen in the inscriptions found in the mosque. The mosque is based on contemporary architectural style of the Arabs and is quite elegant.

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4. Khanqah of Shaikh Suhrawardi Mosque

The Khanqah of Shaikh Suhrawardi mosque, situated in Nagaur is a noteworthy mosque. The mosque has beautiful carvings and wordings about the life of Shaikh Sulaiman, who was loved and respected by the Hindus and Muslims alike.

The mosque which is considered very sacred, was built by Mivan Khwaja, the son of Shakar Batani and can be seen outside the Nahar Pole. The mosque also has the tomb of Shaikh Bayazid, the son of Shaikh Sulaiman. The mosque is one of the earliest shrines, built around 1552 AD.

5. Mosque of Bai Tilok di Kalawant

As the name says, this shrine was built by Tilok di Kalawantor Trilok Devi, daughter of the well-known musician Mian Tansen. The mosque stands proud and strong in Dargah Bazaar in Ajmer since its construction in 1652 AD.

Through the inscriptions, it has been implied that just like her father, Trilok Devi was a talented musician. The engravings also mention that the original name of Mian Tansen’s sonwas Bilas and was changed later as Tantaray Khan by Abu Fazl.

6. Idgah of Ajmer

This is another beautiful mosque situated in Ajmer and was built by Nawab Mirza Chaman Beg, the governor of Malwa and Shamsuddin to honour the saint Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti. This Idgah was constructed under the Sindhia Rajas. The Idgah beautifully depicts the ancient Islamic architecture.

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7. Shrine of Shah Hafiz Ullah

The shrine of Shah Hafiz Ullah is one of the finest architectural pieces of the ancient times. It was built to honour Shah Hafiz Ullah, a popular religious figure of the Mughal era. The shrine is believed to have been built around 1790 AD when Shah Alani was the ruler. The shrine has only one prayer hall and the architecture is similar in many ways to that of the Daman Kuh shrine in Rajasthan.

8. Taleti Masjid

This shrine stands tall in a hill fort in Bavana. It is located at the bottom of the hill because of which it got the name as Taleti. The inscriptions and carvings indicate that the mosque was built around 1420 AD by Mahtaf Khan when Auhad Khan Karim ul Mulk was the ruler, the son of Auhadi, who had founded the Auhadi dynasty. The architecture of the mosque is unique and classy.

9. Shahi Masjid

The Shahi Masjid, located in Baran, Rajasthan is also called as Aqsa mosque or the royal mosque. The mosque is also known as Jama Masjid. It is said to have been constructed from the ruins of an ancient temple as most of the materials used belong to a temple.

The engravings depict that the building was restored by Akbar’s officials, however the exact period of construction remains unknown. The mosque is now in a battered state.

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10. Shaikhon Ki Masjid

Shaikhon ki Masjid, located near Kota, Rajasthan is a beautiful mix of Islamic and modern architecture. The mirabs are of the Islamic style while the minars are constructed in modern style. The motifs and scripts in the mosque indicate that it was built between the 15th and 16th centuries AD.

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Shaikhon ki Masjid is a splendid piece of architecture and makes us believe that the Muslims had an immense liking and taste for good designs and architecture.

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11. Dargah of Adharshila

Popularly known as the Dargah of Amir Kabir, this shrine is located in Kota and overlooks the Chambal river which adds to the beauty and sanctity of the place. The complex is very big and has the grave of the Saint Amir Kabir that stands under a single gigantic rock. For people who want a peace of mind and some time with self, this is an ideal place replete with calm and serene surroundings.

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12. Dargah Masjid

Last but not the least in this list is the Dargah Masjid, which is considered to be a unique and exclusive architectural marvel of the Muslims of the Sultanate period. The dargah was constructed in the 13th century and is totally different in its architecture from the other mosques of Rajasthan.

While this list tries to cover the most popular mosques of Rajasthan, it is not a comprehensive one and there are lot many famous mosques that you can visit to see the exquisite architecture of each like the Jama Masjid of Tonk, Durga Kuanki Masjid, Daman Kuh Masjid and many more.

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