Most Popular Art Galleries in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is well known for great cities preserving various monuments & palaces of ancient times. Several tourists, students, and archaeologists, historians and collection enthusiasts love the contemporary art galleries here. The colorful customs and traditions are proudly preserved and can be seen in the various allusions and folklore motifs in the art galleries.

The contemporary art blend of ancient Kings and the urbanized boom in India are made by the traditional artists. Their art is spread across all the greatest art museums across the cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur.

Here is an amazing compilation of art galleries filled with diverse art and a twist of modern socio- economic current factors in the region.

1. Gallery Artchill, Jaipur

Amber Fort, is a famous tourist destination in Jaipur. This gallery is situated here right on top of a hill. When you visit this heritage structure see the contemporary art museum for a unique spiritual experience. Artchill Art Gallery in Jaipur is known as one of the oldest and the largest in the whole country. This was first started as a place to encourage budding local Rajasthani artists to showcase their creativity in the year 1994.

Today, the art gallery sports great work of promising painters in India as well as the art work of reputed & established painters. The Eternity Museum features art treasures with national accreditation of Jaimini Roy, Ram Kinker & artworks of other noted Indian painters. Reach the destination through the Palace on Wheels train that can help you to explore the various attractions of Jaipur as well.

Gallery Artchill, Jaipur

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2. Samanvai Art Gallery

Jaipur’s MI Road is one of the busiest places in Jaipur. The Samanvai Art Gallery is situated in front of the Jai Mahal Hotel in the Pink City. Founded in the year 2003 the contemporary art gallery attracts many crowds mostly art lovers and artists from across the whole country. Art work and paintings from states like Kerala, Goa, West Bengal & Rajasthan are displayed here.

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The collection includes all forms of art such as contemporary Indian paintings as well as modern forms of art. There is a huge collection of oil paintings, water paintings and mixed media making this a paradise for lovers of art and artists. Throughout the year there are art workshops and exhibitions by such uprising artists held here.

Samanvai Art Gallery

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3. Naila Art Gallery

The natural surroundings with tranquil ambiance offers a haven for art lovers and artists of various styles. There are many varied artists and art work of various mediums from contemporary to abstract in electric style. Thakur Dushyant Singh and Thakurani Usha Singh are great artists and the managers there.

The gallery is situated inside the Nila Bagh Palace premises in the midst of natural surroundings in a heritage hotel in Jaipur. The goal of this art gallery is to be a symbiosis of art lovers and artists.

Naila Art Gallery

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4. Modern Art Gallery, Jaipur

This unique tiny art gallery is a place to promote the culture programs in the state which are diverse in nature. This place is surrounded by lush greenery in Ram Nivas Bagh founded by Maharajah Ram Singh.

It was originally there for providing relief from famine in the early 1900’s. The museum was made part of the gardens park in the year 1983. However, today the modern art gallery features exquisite art work of famous artists and sculptors in Rajasthan. If you go for a stroll in the lush green Ram Nivas Bagh, make sure to stop to see the modern art gallery.

Modern Art Gallery, Jaipur

5. Nidhi Art Gallery, Jaipur

This is one of the largest contemporary and modern art galleries across a region of 4000 sq. ft. There are stunning canvas art work, graphics and watercolors artwork in a huge collection. There is a growing art collection by promising artists and established artists too. This can be seen in the exhibition hall of the art gallery.

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Until now the gallery has successfully held 21 art shows and works of art ranges from surreal to figurative, abstract to semi-abstract, landscapes, portraits, historic art & modern graphics. They are done on various surfaces, diverse mediums, and all shapes & sizes. Nidhi art gallery showcases art work from traditional or local Rajasthani as well as Pan – Indian artists.

Nidhi Art Gallery

6. Adroit Art Gallery, Jodhpur

Jodhpur is popularly known as the culture capital of Rajasthan. Adroit art gallery has art work that are a combination of Indian culture & heritage with western concepts. There is a cozy space for artists to prove their innovative and extensive designs on state of the art painting quality.

Art is universal with no boundaries to region, borders, language and culture and this is seen here. The main artist at the art gallery is Rashmi Soni with original abstract paintings, replicas & murals. Other art works include traditional Rajasthani paintings, figurative art, still life, and contemporary experiment art work.

Adroit Art Gallery, Jodhpur

7. Kaman Art Gallery, Jodhpur

Planned and built by Mitendra Singh, the Kaman Art Gallery has organized many painting & art exhibitions in the past. With a goal to promote artistic innovative trends towards attaining Indian ethos and global perspective, it has exquisite art work by exceptional Indian contemporary artists.

Art work and painting mediums include charcoal, pastels, stone, and bronze in original art work, prints & sculptures. The art gallery ventures to promote the electric & bright art work of most gifted Indian & Global art work.

Kaman Art Gallery, Jodhpur

8. Palette Art Gallery, Jodhpur

The palette art gallery is the very first contemporary Indian art gallery in the entire state of Rajasthan. It is an exquisite art space showcasing extensive collection of amazing paintings. The art lovers who visit the gallery can see the astonishing art showcased here. There are miniature paintings on various mediums from all over the country.

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You can find ceramic, wood, iron, and many more of the inspiring art works. The creations of famous Indian contemporary artists from all over the country who are also famous on the international circle are displayed here. The extensive art work reflects the royal Jodhpur heritage complex.

Palette Art Gallery, Jodhpur

9. Kamal Sharma Art Gallery, Udaipur

Founded by the artists Kamal Sharma who has a vision to take Udaipur art to a higher level, the creative mind has also developed diverse art works. It includes traditional sketches, portraits and others into 3D paintings. The skillful artists uses acrylic, mostly oil and watercolors.

The Kamal Sharma Art Gallery in Udaipur features the exquisite abstract art works in marble, artifacts & paintings. The adaptive artist & founder has participated in various paining exhibitions on the national and international level. The experimental artist has a vision to carry the ancestral legacy forward.

Kamal Sharma Art Gallery, Udaipur

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10. Pristine Art Gallery, Udaipur

This is one of the best contemporary Indian art galleries that also features the guru of Indian contemporary paintings – Shail Choyal. art lovers and visitors to this gallery can find the widest range of amazing contemporary rich artists including a local fine artist well known for his creations – Shahid Parvez.

Pristine art gallery showcases the incompatibly of various tribal & folk art forms depiction & perception in a humorous way. The contemporary art gallery best showcases through the paintings the trend of modern life with a new philosophy to welcome and appreciate the urban contemporary art work.

Pristine Art Gallery, Udaipur

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