Top 15 Most Expensive Trains in the World

In the past days, a luxury journey is possible only on first-class flight trips. This is a new era of luxurious train travel. The exciting thing is to revisit the old look of the train with all the modern facilities. A train journey is the most exciting means of transportation.

Starting from the coal and steam-powered engine trains, it is the era of electric powered engines. There are many trains which are more luxurious than electric-powered trains. These luxurious trains will take you to the next level of the journey and guarantees to provide a thrilling experience.

Here is the list of top 15 most expensive trains in the world:

1. Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels is the luxurious train which reminds the art and craft of the 16th Century. It will take you to magical destinations with outstanding hospitality. It is used for carrying the Indian royal rulers and British Viceroy in the past. The train contains all the facilities which will make you feel relaxed like TV programs, newspapers and magazines.

Palace on Wheels

Passengers won’t face any communication issues, all the train staff are well versed with English. There are 2 restaurants which offer multi-cuisines which were offered to the kings in the past. All the rooms and bathrooms contain world-class facilities. This is the perfect place to enjoy your holiday destination.

Some Other Information of Palace on Wheels:

Price of the ticket:

Per Person: $3500 for 7 Nights/8 Days

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2. Maharajas’ Express Luxury Train:

Maharajas’ Express is the topmost luxuries train in India. It contains a lounge bar, 2 restaurants, library and a souvenir shop for the passengers. There are 14 guest carriages which contains centralized air conditioning, LCD TV with satellite connection, private bath, padded beds, Electronic safe.

Maharajas Express

There are 2 dining cars which offer multi-cuisines to passengers. The bar offers the top branded liquors. Passengers can experience the ancient royal life by travelling in Maharajas’ Express. Almost all the famous destinations of India will be covered. It is a dream of every traveller to have a luxurious journey on this train once in a lifetime.

Maharajas Express Cuisines

Maharajas Express Cuisines

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $3,850 for 3 Nights/4 Days
Per Person: $5,980 for 6 Nights/7 Days

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3. The Blue Train

The Blue Train is a symbol of luxury, elegance and sophistication train journey in South Africa. It offers spectacular views during its journey. It offers all the facilities of the 5-star hotel. Passengers can indulge in the finest cuisines, shopping in the boutique, relax in the cigar bar and many more.

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The rooms are provided with all the facilities like air-conditioning, DVD player, hairdryers, telephones, remote-controlled television monitors, WI-FI and room-safes. You can have a marvelous window view of the journey from the dessert Chocolate pot dining car. The train will take 24 hours to travel from Pretoria to Cape Town, once in a week.

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $257.41

Blue Train

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4. Belmond Royal Scotsman

The interior of the Belmond Royal Scotsman is decorated beautifully with fabric and brass polishing. It offers open lounge to the passengers and the designs are dated back to 1960. It can accommodate only 40 passengers at a time. It is the best luxurious train journey in the world.

Belmond Royal Scotsman

This travel covers almost 10 different travel circuits and provides the most delicious dishes and exceptional wines. It contains luxurious cabin with high-quality toiletries, hairdryer, spa and first-class Restaurant cars and Bar Lounge Car.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Cuisines

Belmond Royal Scotsman Cuisines

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $3021.58 for two night Highland
$4423.87 for three Night Western
$5568.41 for four Night Highland classic

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5. Switzerland’s Classic Train

Everyone loves to travel in the subway of snowy Switzerland. The first-class carriages contain open saloons and at-seat dining in compartments. The restaurant car is the point for fun and socialising. Bar Car is considered as the social hub of the train where you can listen to piano music, dance and drink.

The 4 primary circuits of the travellers include Golden pass line, Centovalli Railway, Bernina Express and Glacier Express. You can have a beautiful experience while travelling through the exciting route. An extra excitement in the trip can be had while passing through the hills, tunnels and rural places.

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $34.11 for Bernina Express

Switzerland’s Classic Train

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6. Kyushu Seven Star

It is a blend of modern technology with the ancient Japanese tradition. There is a total of 14 suites and one suite is to be accessible to the wheelchair. This is the old royal japan train with a luxurious interior. It just offers accommodation to 30 people. It offers a 4 day /2-day itinerary.

It’s not easy to book tickets for seven-star Kyushu, it is done based on the lottery system. It depends purely on the luck to board this train, which makes it unique among all other luxury trains. It contains Jupiter Dining car, Blue moon lounge car and a grand piano with live music.

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $2,550 for 2 days itinerary
$5,400 for 4 day itinerary

Seven Stars Kyushu

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7. Rovos Rail Pride of Africa

Rovos Rail Pride of Africa can accommodate 72 at a time. It provides the 3 types of accommodation named as Royal suites, Deluxe and Pullman. These suits contain beautiful decorations and elegant architecture. The dining space of this train is the main attraction with an antique look.

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Rovos Rail Pride of Africa

All of these luxurious suites are air-conditioned and have an en suite bathroom. They are decorated with beautiful woodwork and Edwardian elements. Rovos fine dining cars offer a wonderful range of dishes including local specialities. There will be a separate lounge for smoking and the train doesn’t allow the off-train beverages.

Cuisines Served at Rovos Rail Pride of Africa

Cuisines Served at Rovos Rail Pride of Africa

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $286.38 for 1 day

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8. Golden Chariot Train

Golden Chariot Train is best for the people who want to see the world from a different perspective. Interiors will resemble the structures of the ancient temple. There are many luxurious train packages like the Arabian sea. There will be a facility for Ayurvedic spa, where you can enjoy the massage. There will be other luxury facilities in the train for physically challenged people and also private washrooms.

The rich culture, the palace architecture and the details of the temples are mixed in the interiors of the car with the best modern equipment. There are 19 specially designed coaches, 11 cars with cabins – all suites have private bathrooms.

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $4919.26 per journey

Golden Chariot

9. The Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle train became popular in a short period. It was founded in 2007, contains 3 kinds of accommodations named as Imperial suite, Gold Class accommodation and silver class accommodation. It provides all the facilities like a lounge, fancy dressing table and king size bed.

Golden Eagle

Most popular areas like Eastern Europe, Russia, Iran and Central Asia can be traveled in this train. The white dining car will provide you with the best eating experience. The dining place will not only provides delicious cuisine but is also well decorated with wood and mirrors.

Cuisines Served at Golden Eagle

Cuisines Served at Golden Eagle

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $16,995 per journey

10. The Deccan Odyssey

If you want to enjoy the beauty and nature of Gujarat and Rajasthan, then this is the best train for you. It is also known as India’s Blue Train. Most of the Deccan Odyssey Train packages cover the historic destinations and exotic places. The passengers have to choose the correct package for them.

The price of the ticket may vary depending on the cabin. You can go for the payment either in USD or INR. Deccan Odyssey is trying to introduce more cultural and historical elements by adding unusual destinations. The jewels of Deccan cover many heritage sites, ancient monuments, rock temples and other timeless beauties to create a memorial trip.

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $6,734 for 7 Nights/8 Days

Deccan Odyssey Train

11. Eastern and Oriental Express

Eastern & Orient Express was built by Japan and is operated in New Zealand. It is built in the year 1972, also called Silver Star. It covers some of the fantastic destinations like Thailand, Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore. It offers presidential cabin, state cabin, Pullman and Pullman single. The Dining cars offer the mouth-watering European and Eastern cuisines.

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Eastern & Oriental Express

The Bar car offers liqueurs, aperitifs and cocktails which looks like a fully stocked international bar. You can watch the scenic views through the observation car. It contains all the modern technologies like WI-Fi. This train witnesses the traditions of Asia.

Cuisines Served at Eastern and Oriental Express

Cuisines Served at Eastern and Oriental Express

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $3,100 per Journey

12. Clasico EL Transcantabrico Train

This train can provide accommodation of 52 members comfortably. The journey on this train will be quite comfortable. It contains private bathrooms with all the facilities like hair dryers, steam shower, turbo massage and hydro-sauna. You can sit and enjoy the drinks in the Bar Car which is opened at any time. It provides entertainment like a small night-club, entertainment saloon and panorama coach.

The train also contains a TV, DVD’s, Newspapers and Magazines. This is the train of Northern Spain with all the advanced features like computers and modern technology TV Screen. The journey on this train will be quite impressive.

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $4220.21 per Journey

Clasico EL Transcantabrico Train

13. The Sweet Train

The name of the train is Sweet train because the journey will be sweet and short. It contains 2 cars in which car no.1 had an open seating plan and the car no.2 had private “booths”. It offers light lunch along with 4-course dessert, this is another reason for naming it ‘Sweet Train’.

This train is designed by the same person who designed the Kyushu seven stars train. As the name suggests, this trip takes about two hours during which the train staff take care of its passengers.

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $221.21 per Journey

The Sweet Train

14. Royal Canadian Pacific

Royal Canadian Pacific is the famous train which served many iconic personalities like Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth, Sir Winston Churchill, and King George VI. It provides extraordinary service with all the supporting staff and Interval meals.

It offers room service, Wardrobe and clothing storage, internal on-train telephone, In-room safe and shower. Each car has its charm and elegance. It received the National Cultural Tourism Award in 2012. It provides a spectacular view of the Canadian rocky mountains.

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $55,000 per Journey

Royal Canadian Pacific

15. Belmond Hiram Bingham

Belmond Hiram Bingham runs in South America, which offers a spectacular view to the passengers. It is a 3.5 hours memorable journey with different package options. Variety of dishes in the train contains Peruvian wine and alpaca meat. It also offers a visit to the sanctuary.

Belmond Hiram Bingham train contains Observatory car, Dining Car and Wagon Bar.While sipping the traditional cocktail known as pervian, one can enjoy the unparallelised open-air scenery.You can also enjoy the local music here.

Price of the ticket:

Per person: $1,077.28 per Journey

Belmond Hiram Bingham

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