Most Epic Train Journeys in the World

Train journeys are always special. They are long journeys and itself is like a trip or a day out. Among them, if you are able to get a glance of the unseen points of nature, the journey becomes very much epical.

Here are the journeys that are going to be very much effective and very much entertaining.

Overwhelming Rail Travels in Asia

1. Trans Mongolian Railway

Covering the border of continents, passing 4 time zones, crossing the Baikal Lake and becoming a witness of the longest train journey – all these dreams can be fulfilled while traveling through Trans Mongolian Railway from Moscow to Beijing. The trip takes a total of 7 days and is the continental trip that is going to be very much enjoyable for you through the extensive and versatile topography all around. From the capital city of Russia to the tundra and finally to the plains of China to the capital city of the country, the train route is of 7621 km and is one of the best trips that is going to make you remember it forever.

Trans Mongolian Railway

2. Qinghai –lhasa Express

16 thousand feet high Tangulla pass passage is the highest passage of train that you would get in the tip and that is what is going to be ideal for the travelers to get through the best journey. Each passenger is provided oxygen supply to the passengers and that is going to be the best experience for you. In meters, over 80% trip will be covered over the height of 4000 meters… So, the fun and epical experience that you will find here can be well understood.

Qinghai lhasa Express

3. Bullet Train of Japan

Experiencing a bullet train on any routes in Japan is something that will give you an experience that s really indescribable. Awesome speed and ultimate traversing, to experience the trip from its nerves to nerves, try to travel it alone. It takes less time and hence your need is to enjoy the speed of the train with an external glance through the glass windows to find the island view of the country over the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Shinkansen Bullet Train, Japan

Shinkansen Bullet Train, Japan

Historic Rail Trips in Europe

4. Orient Express to Istanbul

The Soviet Union is the country that has been separated into two continents. Istanbul or the Constantinople of the old is the city that has been divided into 2 continents. Orient Express is the train that connected this city of the old with the mainland of Europe and to Britain Island. A trip through the vintage cabin between the cities of the old of Europe is surely epical – there is the least doubt in that. The route is between London, Paris, and Venice and it is going to be the journey, which is great for you in terms of luxury and historic. The vintage cabin that you will get here is going to be one of the best supports for you as you travel through the rail route of the 1920’s.

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Orient Express

5. Glacier Express of Switzerland

This is the train route that is going to give you the best of the experience in all possible ways. The route covers 291 bridges and it makes its route through 91 tunnels. The single day trip makes it extensive and outstanding for the experience that is going to be remembered forever.

Glacier Express of Switzerland

Immemorial Train Journeys of Latin America

6. Hiram Bingham

The Belmond run train route is one of the most luxurious rail services and that is the best part of the journey in Peru. The train carries 84 passengers only in time and the best part of the journey is going to give the experience you will be aspiring for the rest of your life. It travels from Cuzco to Puno and ends till Lake Titicaca – the entire route being one of the most scenic for all the travelers.

Hiram Bingham

7. Nubes Rail Journey, Argentina

Originally a train route for goods train now is a wonderful tourist spot and comes among the top things to be done. The Nubes connects Argentina and Chili, where the train though not covers a long distance but is going to give you an overwhelming experience. The rounded journey to an altitude of 4000 meters from sea level through the canyons is sure to make you feel dreamy.

Nubes Rail Journey, Argentina

The North American Train Drives

8. Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

Toronto to Vancouver – It is the route that will show you excellent topographical features of rivers and animals like deer and boars. The train travel is going to give the best support in all ways and that makes it one of the epical journey that you will have to check out in the best way. The cocktail that you would get in the trains and that makes the best glacial view that you can observe from your train.

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Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

9. Denali National Park

Alaska Railways are having one of the best-experiencing train journeys at Mt. McKinley in North America. It is having a distance of total 4467 km and that is called a Denali Star route. The journey is going to give you the best experience of traveling high and traveling long all the way from New York to San Francisco via Chicago.

Denali National Park train

Luxury Trains in India

Want to explore India? Luxury Trains are the best way to experience India. Luxury trains contains cars, butlers, red carpets and royal suites. You can pick the Maharajas Express, Palace on Wheels and the Deccan Odyssey train. All the luxury trains of India are the epitome of travel in the sub-continent and the best way to see the country. If you are looking to board the World’s most luxurious trains then you can contact the Official website of Palace on Wheels and book the train tickets in advance to avoid the last minute rush.

Palace on Wheels

Know more about Palace on Wheels:

Traveling in Oceania via Train

10. Tranzalpine of New Zealand

The rail route of New Zealand is over the ice fed river Waimakariri is going to be an experience which will be the path through the wide farmland and that is the best part of the journey too. The long journey over the wide river and the firm lands is going to be a great experience for you in your life.

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11. Rovos Rail Trip with Indian Pacific

Cape Town to Pretoria is 3 days journey and the 4800 km journey is going to be the best feeling that you can get in your life. The journey is through the mining town Kimberly is great and is going to yield high-level experience to you as well. The best part of the train route is the crossing of Nullarbor plains of Australia, where the longest stretch of rain in the world can be seen of 478 kms.

Rovos Rail

12. Ghan Trip

Adelaide to Darwin, the train route that you will have to get through here is of total 1500 km and the route has some excellent topography to be viewed. The barren land with multiple colors seems to be wonderful in all ways that make it wonderful for the viewers and for the travelers. The ancient Afghan camel drivers route can be explored now with rail.


Above are some of the epical trips that you can cover by rail and gain some experience, you can never acquire by any other means. There are other similar trips too, but the best of the few, stated here is something you cannot miss out by any means.

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