Top 10 Most Busiest Railway Stations of India

India has been fond of this rail track locomotive ever since the British government introduced it to the country. India has the largest rail network in the continent and the second largest in the world. The country has managed to connect almost all rural and urban destinations with these rail tracks, which even soar up to some of the hills of the country.

Every day more than 25,000,000 people travel using trains. However, not all the railway stations are used as frequently as you can imagine 25 million people using it. Some are down to a few tens of people visiting the station per day to millions of people throttling through it from dawn to dusk. Get the Complete Guide on Indian Railways.

Here are the top busiest railway stations of the country.

1. Howrah Junction, Kolkata

More than a million travelers use this station every single day. This train ranks the first when it comes to popularity and also has the highest number of platform inside the station. Howrah has been an important destination since the Victorian rule of India. And, it is one of the oldest stations, which has been in use since 1854. There are four major lines operating from this junction.


  • Number of platforms – 23
  • Number of trains per day – 210
  • Approximate number of passengers per day – one million +
  • Daily departure/Arrival frequency – 974

Howrah Junction, Kolkata

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2. New Delhi Station, New Delhi

Of course, the capital of the country would have a busy railway station. The city of Delhi stands as a site of business, entertainment, tourism and educational spot in the country. When it comes to area, this is the largest station in the country and with regards to population of passengers and frequency of trains, this is the second. Do not get confused with the names. The Old Delhi Railway Station is now the New Delhi Station and it has been in service since 1864. This station has the highest number of trains running in and out in a day in India.


  • Number of platforms – 16
  • Number of trains per day – 350
  • Approximate number of passengers per day – five hundred thousand
  • Daily departure/Arrival frequency – 931
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New Delhi Station, New Delhi

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3. Kalyan Station, Mumbai

This is an important railway station of Mumbai. This railway station serves both suburban travelers and long distance travelers. There are six lines in this station and is the third busiest station in the country. However, it would rank even higher if you consider the population of people using it every single day. Trains from Mumbai connect with almost all the states of the country. With the city having a busy international airport, this population and frequency of train requirement is not news.


  • Number of platforms – 8
  • Number of trains per day – 200
  • Approximate number of passengers per day – eight hundred thousand+
  • Daily departure/Arrival frequency – 813

Kalyan Station, Mumbai

4. Vadodara Station, Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the most underestimated destinations in a lot of genre. It is a hidden beauty when it comes to tourism and even the citizens do not know the importance and resources of this state. To prove the importance of this destination, the state has a station which is in the top busiest list. This railway station has been in operation since 1861 and has been an important connecting point in many routes. The junction has three main lines.


  • Number of platforms – 7
  • Number of trains per day – 237
  • Daily departure/Arrival frequency – 709

Vadodara Station, Gujarat

5. ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus, Mumbai

When it comes to beauty, this railway station should top the list. This is not only a busy railway station but also a historic landmark. This railway station was built in 1887 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. This railway station is built in Gothic Victorian style and is an architectural beauty. This beauty has been incorporated in many luxury train journeys too. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus acts as a starting or ending point for many luxury trains in the country. The station was once named as Victoria Terminus and has been changed to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.


  • Number of platforms – 18
  • Number of trains per day – 250
  • Approximate number of passengers per day – three million +
  • Daily departure/Arrival frequency – 1250

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

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6. Mughal Sarai Junction, Uttar Pradesh

This is the most popular and one of the oldest railway stations of Uttar Pradesh. The Mughal Sarai Junction is a connecting spot for many superfast trains like Rajdhani and others. This station has been in operation since 1862 and is still of a vital importance to the state. This station serves 8 lines.

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  • Number of platforms – 8
  • Number of trains per day – 198
  • Daily departure/Arrival frequency – 698


7. Patna Station, Bihar

This station was installed in 1862 at a strategic position between Delhi and Kolkata. It was the Bankipore Junction in the past. Due to its location, it became one of the busiest railway stations of the country for many centuries. There are five lines operating in Patna Station.


  • Number of platforms – 10
  • Number of trains per day – 176
  • Daily departure/Arrival frequency – 771

Patna Station, Bihar

8. Kanpur Central, Kanpur

This is one of the five central railway stations of the country. This station also holds a world record for having the largest interlocking railway route system in the world. There are eleven lines in this station and this gives you an overlook of the popularity of the station.


  • Number of platforms – 10
  • Number of trains per day – 372
  • Approximate number of passengers per day – 1.5 million +
  • Daily departure/Arrival frequency – 890

Kanpur Central, Kanpur

9. Vijayawada Junction, Andhra Pradesh

This station is also named as A1 and Model railway station. This station started its operation in 1888 and has two operational lines. The train station has equal number of passenger and freight trains running in and out of the station.


  • Number of platforms – 10
  • Number of trains per day – 247
  • Approximate number of passengers per day – 140,000
  • Daily departure/Arrival frequency – 760

Vijayawada Junction, Andhra Pradesh

10. Allahabad Junction, Uttar Pradesh

This railway station serves as the headquarters for North-Central Railway Zone. The train station is pretty busy as all the trains travelling from Southern India to Eastern India and vice versa will travel through this junction. There are eight major lines operating in this route.


  • Number of platforms – 15
  • Number of trains per day – 187
  • Daily departure/Arrival frequency – 717

Allahabad Junction, Uttar Pradesh

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The list from vary from source to source according to the factor they take into consideration to validate the busy factor. If you are visiting India on a trip, taking a train tour would help you peek into the culture of the land. Are you customized to certain level of sophistication? Do not worry. There are luxury trains in the country like Palace on Wheels to serve your pampering needs through a train journey. Are you planning to take a luxury train trip?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Which is the busiest train station in India?

A. The Howrah Station is the busiest in India. Per day there are 210 trains arrive and depart from this station. There are 23 big platforms present here.

Q. Which is the busiest railway station in northern India?

A. In Northern India, the busiest railway station is the Mughal Sarai. This station is located in Uttar Pradesh. In this station, all the Rajdhani trains from the eastern part of India halt.

Q. Which is the busiest railway station in the world?

A. Shinjuku Station is considered to be the busiest railway station in the world. This railway station is located in Tokyo which is in Japan. Almost 4 million people pass through this station every day.

Q. Which is the largest railway station in south India?

A. The Chennai Central railway station is the largest in South India. This is also famously known as the Madras Central in the south.

Q. Which is the biggest junction in India?

A. Mathura junction is the biggest junction in India. In this station, there are 7 emerging routes present and 10 platforms. This station is connected to many important cities in India.

Q. Which is the oldest railway station in India?

A. The oldest railway station in India is Royapuram which is located in Chennai. This station opened in the year 1856.

Q. Which is the biggest railway station in Asia?

A. The Futian is the biggest railway station in Asia. This station is opened in Shenzen which is present in China. This station is also said to be the second-largest station in the world.

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