A Glimpse of Rural Luxury in Lakshman Sagar, Rajasthan

While many hotels around the world may disappoint you with the reality versus what is displayed on their websites, the Lakshman Sagar is not one of them. It is an old time hunting lodge that has been converted to a modern day 5 Star resort offering luxury and opulence at its best.

You will be mesmerized at the grandeur of this 19th Century hunting lodge which was owned by the then Thakur of Raipur. The place was built to host noble families and royalties of the bygone era. The first things that will catch your eyes is the glistening pink Zanana Tower, i.e. women’s tower in the property with a lush green lawn surrounding it.

Zanana Tower for Women's

Zanana Tower for Women’s

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The counterpart Mardana Tower which is the men’s tower has been transformed into a breezy blue and white, sprawling dining space, with a charming kitchen tucked below it. And a swimming pool has been carved into the rock plateau behind the Zanana tower, filling the area with sparkling waters and serene scenes, like ones taken from a the pages of a fairy tale.

Mardana Tower for Men's

Mardana Tower for Men’s

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One side of the pool is lined with day beds that are shaded with day beds, while beautifully constructed 12 mud and stone guest cottages line the property that spreads over a massive 32 acres of land, covered in verdant greenery. The hotel has been constructed to blend the old with the new in a seamless manner that the compliments each other.

Lakshman Sagar, Rajasthan

Local products have been used for the interior and exterior decor throwing light on the rich culture and heritage of the land. There are interesting features everywhere you look in the property, even some of the light fixtures are made with painted milk cans and diesel truck filters.

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The property houses 12 spacious cottages, each of 900 square feet with independent bedrooms, living rooms, dining spaces, fireplaces, stone baths with rain shower heads and private plunge pools overlooking the lake.

Stay at Laxman Sagar

The rugs and cushions offer a burst of color in the rooms that is quintessential of Rajasthan. The earthy beige mud walls form a stark contrast against the colorful decor of the interiors in each cottage.

Living room

Living Room

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But that is not all, guests at the property are offered unique facilities like fresh plunger coffee in the fridge, some incense cones perched on top of a table in the living rooms and a handful of fresh Neem twigs for brushing teeth in the bathroom. Apart from the usual human guests the property has other interesting occupants too, like peacocks that roam free in the lawns and owls that hoot at night.

The room tariffs at the Lakshman Sagar are quite worth the money for what they offer compared to the prices. A cottage would cost you INR 13,500 per night which includes all meals as well as in-house activities like cooking classes, nature walks and more. Alcohol would be charged additionally as per order, but unlike most hotels Lakshman Sagar has kept the prices reasonable and lower than most other mini bar menus at metro cities.

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The hotel is poised to offer an authentic taste of Rajasthan to its guest. While the menu keeps changing, there is an interesting array of options that include several local delicacies for the guests to choose from. The organic vegetable garden at forefront of the property supplies most of the produces for cooking.

Dinning at Laxman Sagar

Dining at Laxman Sagar

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A must do activity at the hotel is to simply sit back and relax and enjoy the sunset with your favorite cocktail in hand at the top of the Zanana Tower. The way up the tower is dotted with interesting spaces like the writer’s alcove, dining rooms, and a bubbling fountain, each dressed in hues of white, pink and blue. The light during the sunset paints the property at its picture perfect best.

An interesting feature of the Lakshman Sagar hotel is the fact that despite being a luxury resort, it still focuses on offering its guests with a taste of real rural Rajasthan and livelihood of the village surrounding the property. They offer a field breakfast experience, where you are driven on a Jeep to the nearby village.

There a local village household welcomes you with laid out day beds overlooking green crop fields. The lady of the house prepares a home cooked meal of whole wheat Parathas over a fire and as you eat you watch over the simple village life transcend coexisting with nature.


There are whole host of fun activities for every kind of person at the Lakshman Sagar. While many choose to simply stay put and relax at the peaceful property, you can also take regular nature walks around the neighboring fields and villages.

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There henna plantations, brick making plants where they are handmade, Raipur Fort and the town itself is close by. One can indulge in bird watching, or visit the wildlife sanctuary, partake in horse safaris, do yoga and meditation, go fishing and last but not the least take massages.

Facilities at Laxman Sagar

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How to Reach

The closest airport to Lakshman Sagar is located at Jodhpur, the town is 2 hours away from Ajmer and lies 10 km off the NH 14 towards Jodhpur from Pali. The nearest rail head is at Haripur railway station, located merely 3 km away. Conveniently located between the tourism spots of Marwar and Mewar makes it easily accessible via road from Jodhpur.

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For those with a thirst for simple living and rural beauty this place is a must visit, where you will be in close contact to nature and village life, without having to sacrifice modern day comforts. It is a relaxing destination for those who seek to get away from the busy hustle of city lives and refocus their energies.

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