Jaisalmer Trip with Palace on Wheels Rajasthan

Jaisalmer, popularly known as the Golden City is situated on an ancient trade route. Camel trade is one of the popular activities from other important reasons to visit Jaisalmer. It is known for ancient ‘havelis’, Trikuta Hill which is 80 meters high carved with Jain sculptures & other old forts made from yellowish golden sandstone.

Here are few of the special monuments Jaisalmer is famous for.

Jaisalmer Fort

Almost 100 meters above the city, the largest fort with multiple ‘pols’ or entrances into this fort where you can see full Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer Fort

Tazia Tower

It is a five stories tall tower with a balcony on each floor. It is a delicate ‘pagoda’ craftsmanship that starts at the Cloud Palace or Badal Mahal.

Tazia Tower Jaisalmer

Godi Sagar

This massive tank held water for the entire city. It was the only water supply in the desert city and is surrounded by smaller temples or shrines.

Godi Sagar Jaisalmer

Desert National Park

There are rare species of desert wildlife near the Sudashri forest post. It is the best place to view fauna of the dry & hot Thar Desert.

3 Famous Havelis

Few ancient houses locally called ‘Havelis’ are tourist spots in Jaisalmer, once the capital city of Jaipur.

1.  Salim Singh ki Haveli

The Prime Minister’s office/ residence during that time with arched roof & peacock – sculpted brackets.

Salim Singh ki Haveli

2. Patwon Ji Ki Haveli

A five storied mansion with exquisite old paintings & mirror work on inside walls.

Patwon ki Haveli Jaisalmer

3. Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli

A result by two architect brothers who divided work on left side & right side with mini paintings on walls.

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Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli

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Guests can unwind at the Bar & Lounge whit a magazine or book in sofa or lounge chairs. They can enjoy alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages and snacks when required. Guests visit such monuments while on organized off-board excursions while each carriage has an attendant available 24 hours. Each cabin has a washroom with WC, shower cubicle, Wash Basin & running water.

Cabins are equipped with LCD TV playing satellite channels, Wi-Fi Internet, safe deposit and intercom.

The Jaisalmer trip on Palace on Wheels allows guests to see ancient monuments of the state of Rajasthan. The foreign dignitaries of the British Raj, Nizams of the Deccan, & Viceroys to India traveled in these exquisite coaches of the luxury train.

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