Jagdish Temple in Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur, the City of Lakes or the City of Romance has another facet, it is the city to embrace serenity and spirituality. As the Palace on Wheels chugs into this city of beauty early morning on its 4th day trip, the enchanting hymns and sound of bells from the Jagdish Temple welcomes the tourists.

History of Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple was built during the time period of 1628-1653 by Maharaja Jagat Singh. The temple is built on a small terrace and constructed by the Hindu Architectural science of Vastu shastra.

Jagdish Temple

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Interesting Facts

  • Centered at the heart of the city, Jagdish Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is the largest in the city and exhibits an Indoor-Aryan style of architecture. The spell binding beauty of the shrine, carved with intricate designs and with luscious walls along with its sacred white colour, evokes devotion from the deep core of the heart. The temple represents Maru- Gurjara architectural style.
  • A visit to this temple is also important to understand the rich culture and lifestyle of people existing at that time. Huge stone elephants, sculptures of musicians, dancers and horsemen and a flight of 32 marble steps to the main sanctum portrays the grandeur of Rajput clan. The temple consists of 50 pillars on each of the story and has been constructed as per the Hindu Vastu Shastra.
  • Another unique feature of Jagdish Temple is the half man half eagle made statue of Garuda, which is methodologically considered to be the guard of Lord Vishnu. The complete idol is made from brass and hence glitters like gold under sunlight.
Garuda ji

Garuda ji Statue

  • The deity of Lord Vishnu deserves a special mention because of its extraordinary looks. Made from a single black stone, the idol comes with four arms and is adorned with jewellery. This is the main idol with the existence of smaller shrines (dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Shakti and the Sun God) encircling Lord Vishnu.
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Things to do

  • Get enthralled with the amazing architectural beauty of the temple.
  • De-stress yourself and spend some soulful moments at the prayer hall of the temple.
  • Worship at the shrines following all local rituals.

Jagdish Temple, Udaipur

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Entry Timings

Jagdish Temple is open for public visit on all days of the week.
It opens early in the morning at 5:00 am and closes at 09:00 pm.

Best Time to Visit

Jagdish Temple is best to visit in winters. The shrine is also a must visit during its festivals to enjoy the pomp and glamour of the city.

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How to reach?

Udaipur is one of the tourist hotspots of Rajasthan and hence easily accessible through roads, railways and airways.

By Road

While the bus route connects different cities of Rajasthan, there are luxury sedans and economical cars to move around the city. Want a fun ride? Go around the city on horse ridden tangas.

By Air

The Maharana Pratap airport is the domestic airport of Udaipur and is located just 22 kms from the city. There are flights to Udaipur from Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Jodhpur and Jaipur.

Tourists can hire cabs from the prepaid taxi counter, get information from tourist information center and make urgent calls from the ISD/STD/PCO booth.

By Train

While there are some local trains plying from the different cities of India to Udaipur, the best train to visit this Lake City is Palace on Wheels. This luxury train from the Indian Railways comes with air conditioned coaches and help you beat the heat of the city with cozy, conditioned cabs and English versed guides.

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