Tips for Traveling with Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels is a great way to experience the royalty of an ancient era in sheer luxury on the week long tours. However, it is a new country or it could be a place / trip you are going for the first time.

So, here are a few tips that you may find helpful.


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Go through them and share if you would like tips in any other aspect to get an idea.

1. Luxury Travel Packing Tips

  • Make sure to carry and pack necessary prescription medicines that you require for the travel trip and additional day for traveling from back to your place.
  • Pack just right – not too much but make sure to include all the necessary stuff.
  • Learn a bit of regional weather /climatic conditions to the place you are traveling. Palace on Wheels tours Rajasthan which is hot through the day and cold at night.
  • Carry comfortable footwear for climbing, walking, and formal /semi – formal wear for dinner/ lunch at a star / premium hotel, swim wear if you want to go swimming, etc.
  • Carry your smartphone chargers/ power bank, headphones, cameras etc. so you do not have to borrow. However, do not worry if you misplace / left behind such items. Palace on Wheels has international standard adapters/ chargers onboard for customers.

Packing Tips

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2. Luxe Travel Safety Tips

  • Keep all your valuables in a safe or do not carry them at all unless very necessary.
  • Keep checking the documents like your passport, tickets, etc. to make sure you have them.
  • Never write your name and contact details on public areas or say it aloud as thieves may listen.
  • Keep important phone numbers or contact details of a trusted person to inform that you are safe.
  • Do not encourage strangers offering eatables, shoe shining, beggars, unauthorized money dealers, etc.
  • Take a selfie when you get a new memory card for your digital camera. If somebody finds it, it is easy to return/ verify that it is your’s.
  • While on guided off-board sightseeing tours, A/c Coaches are equipped with hats, water bottles, and at times special shoes to walk long distances or rough terrain, etc.

3. Travel Document Tips

  • As per the international travel health regulations, you have to show the yellow fever vaccination document if traveling. from specific country.
  • Countries require a minimum period of 6 months time on traveler’s passport. So, check and renew your travel documents as required before time.
  • In case you do not have a copy of your travel documents, scan and keep a soft copy of the same.
  • Use the services of the travel agents/ travel agencies that are licensed / authorized by the Government.

Orient Rail Journeys / Travelogy India Pvt. Ltd. Is Recognized by Ministry of Tourism Government of India and IATO Indian Association of Tour Operators.

Document Tips

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4. Budget Travel Tips

  • Remember to check out thoroughly for extra costs and fees before you empty your wallet unexpectedly.
  • Take a look at the tariff fee inclusions & exclusions. Some facilities are included like safety lock, mineral water, meals, certain drinks, etc. and some are excluded like certain drinks, business car facility, etc. Some sightseeing destinations may charge for still camera/ video camera fees.
  • Shorter trips are better than lengthy trips of over 10 days or more. Search for travel packages and deals that are all-inclusive. The Palace on Wheels itinerary is a week long trip of 7N & 8D with meals, basic amenities, off-board sightseeing tours, included in tariff.
  • Sign up for latest travel deals, international travel packages, travel newsletters to get them in your inbox. When you get a suitable offer or deal they will not be forever. So, go for it when it is open.
  • Be a smart traveler / smart budget traveler. Look out for travel packages, Promo Codes, Special Discount Offer on Selected Departure Dates for 2019, etc. Palace on Wheels & other luxury trains in India are running special discount offers on selected departure dates.
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Budget Travel Tips

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5. Other Luxury Travel Tips

    • The itineraries give time for shopping experience. There are local markets at more than 2 places on the Palace on Wheels itinerary. So, check it out and travel around for local artifacts, jewelery, mini Taj Mahals, colorful Rajasthani style fabric, etc.
    • Make sure to go through or check out amounts to get an idea how much to tip the Palace on Wheels / luxury train travel staff.
    • Keep the contact numbers for your authorized travel agent handy so, you can connect and confirm details or travel information.

Lastly, keep everything ready to avoid any last minute issues arising. Happy Luxury Journey!

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