Interesting Facts about Palace on Wheels Train

Palace on Wheels offers travelers a week’s trip to wonderland. This luxury train ride offers to take you to amazing sightseeing tourist attractions in the luxury of palatial lifestyle. It is amazing to read the benefits.

However to go personally and experience the same is a lifetime memory that you can cherish forever. There is an interesting history about the luxury train journey.

Here are some of the facts about Palace on Wheels train.

Read on so you will find out the exciting and interesting facts about the Palace on Wheels.

  1. The Palace on Wheels Rajasthan luxury tour is a collaboration of The Indian Railways and Government of Rajasthan.
  2. The Palace on Wheels was nominated for ‘World’s Leading Luxury Train’ Award
  3. The Pioneer of Indian Luxury POW was first debuted in the year 1982.
  4. The PoW received global acclaim during PATA Gold Award in the year 1987.
  5. This was the first of its kind in South Asia and also the First Highly Expensive Luxury Train Ride.
  6. The Palace on Wheels luxury train was powered by a steam engine during her debut.
  7. The Palace on Wheels maiden journey on India’s Republic Day on January 26, 1982.
  8. Royal Carriages are refurbished to provide world class technologies & amenities like Wi-Fi internet, telecom, etc.
  9. Each of the fourteen royal carriages is named after the fourteen regions that were under the Rajput Rule in history.
  10. The luxury journey aims to provide travelers with royal ancient luxury services onboard with best sightseeing tourist attractions.
  11. The Royal Coaches were re- done with latest technology and world class amenities in the year 1991.
  12. There is a full library, bar, spa facility, washroom with running cold water and hot water, and has latest digital facilities too.
  13. Palace on Wheels is currently rated one of the Best Ten Luxury Trains in the World.
  14. As per a leading magazine the Palace on Wheels Luxury train is now among the Top 4 Luxury trains.
  15. The Palace on Wheels guests are treated to a grand reception.
  16. There is an English speaking guide for sightseeing spots.
  17. The royal journey/ Palace on Wheels itinerary include the top world tourist spots.
  18. The Palace on Wheels trip takes you world famous monuments & national parks.
  19. There is a separate entry from other train travelers at the respective train /railway station.
  20. The 8 Days/ 7 Nights Palace on Wheels Luxury Tour is an unforgettable journey of an entire lifetime.
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Palace on Wheels

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History of Palace on Wheels

While traveling in the royal coaches named under the fourteen Rajputana regions, we wonder how the Palace on Wheels luxury train came to be.

Let’s read about the interesting history behind one of the world’s leading luxury trains.

In historical times, the Viceroys of British India, Nizams of Hyderabad, Kings and Rulers of Royal regions like Gujarat and Rajputana royally traveled in the Palace on Wheels Coaches. Once India got independence the royal coaches were discontinued and preserved for almost 25 years. It was then in the year 1981 to 1982 that the Indian Railways and Rajasthan Tourism Department Corporation presented the Palace on Wheels. This was India’s first ever Luxury Train.

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The Luxury train ride helps you to see the Princely Era of rulers and kings of ancient India. The Mughals and Rajputs ruled the regions that have ancient palaces and strong forts. Each carriage is filled with lavish interiors and travelers enjoy exuberant facilities onboard the Palace on Wheels train.

The two magnificent dining cars, bar, lounge, and washrooms equipped with latest amenities, Air Conditioned coaches with latest amenities and a mini- pantry are only a few. Friendly cabin of Palace on Wheels train crew and an attendant for each coach are happy to help.

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More details about the Palace on Wheels

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Now, a leader in luxury facilities the week long Palace on Wheels Luxury Ride is the most desirable journey for several travelers around the world.

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