Indian Railways Runs First Private Train – Delhi to Lucknow Tejas Express

Tejas Express is the first train which has single-halt station between Lucknow and Delhi, operated by private operators. It is an Indian Railways aircraft-like luxury chair car service. It is the only train, which runs between Lucknow and Delhi, having one halt station at Kanpur. The schedule will be released by North Eastern Railways on Saturday.

Lucknow-Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Express is the experimental initiative by Indian Railways. It is said that the custody of the Tejas Express will be transferred to IRCTC, which is to be rope up with private operators for the purpose of on-board services. The main motive behind this is to test the trains into the private sector.

Delhi Lucknow Tejas Express

A 100-days road map was drawn by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal for the national transporter, the proposal is being made about the private passenger train which offers world-class facilities for the passengers.The goal is to offer IRCTC two trains for operation on the concept of transportation, with onboard services and tickets to be provided by catering and e-ticketing arms.

Annual lease charges will be paid to the Indian Railway Finance Corporation by IRCTC. Through the open bidding process, on-board services will be handed over to private operators. Routes, within 500 kilometres, will be identified based on low traffic jams and tourist attractions that they can connect.

Coaches of Tejas Express

Key Features of Tejas Express

  • Automatic entry, exit doors and interconnecting doors.
  • Dust sealed gangways, CCTV’s, LED lighting.
  • Anti-graffiti vinyl wrapping.
  • Yellow and orange colour-scheme seats.
  • Comfortable seats, personalized reading lights.
  • Mobile charging points, modular bio-toilets.
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Train Number and Schedule

The Tejas Express train is numbered as 12585. Except on Thursday and Sunday, Tejas Express will be operated 5 days a week. It will depart from Lucknow Junction at 6:50 AM and halts at Kanpur Junction at 8:05 AM, finally reaches New Delhi at 1:35 PM. In the return of the train, it will depart from New Delhi station at 3:35 PM, halts near Kanpur at 8:30 PM, finally reaches Lucknow at 10:05 PM.

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