Indian Railways New Time Table: 261 Trains Speeded Up, 49 New Trains Added

In a news report, the Rail ministry of India declared that from July 1st new trains will be taking hold of the rail service, along with the older ones. According to the ministry, the number of these trains is 261 and they are ready to cut short the timing of travel by at least 110 minutes on an average. Along with the number of new trains that will provide faster service in 5 Rail divisions, there are other changes in the timetable too, and even in the spare rake service.

Indian Railways

The new trains that have been initiated in the Mission Raftar service are:

  • 1 Vande Bharat Express, which will trip between Delhi and Varanasi and is ready to reduce the timing of journey by 40%
  • 34 Humsafar Express Trains
  • Antyodaya Express in 11 numbers
  • Tejas Express trains in 2 Nos.
  • 1 Uday Express Train

The ministry also declared that the major issue in the delay of train timing is due to the delay made by certain rakes at the terminals. Hence, different spare rakes have been introduced at the terminals to assist the time delay. In addition to that, the government declared the initiation of 34,200 new train trips that will give more options to the passengers. To increase the capacity and decrease the crowd pressure at certain terminals, the ministry introduced 500 permanent augmented coaches and 300 more trains to fix the schedule.

Along with the introduction of the new trains and other features, each of the zones declared a completely new timing of the trains, which consists of local trains as well as the express or the passenger trains. The new time table is available over the rail counters at each of the terminals of the respective zones. Hence, collect those now and experience the new promise from the rail ministry to cut off the delay time in rail service.

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