10 Incredible Train Journeys of Asia

Asia is a land of numerous busy cities and this massive continent is connected with train routes, which helps you explore even the most remote places. Trains are not just a mode of transportation. It has become an important element of tourism throughout the world.

If trains are your choice of transportation, here are the top ten exciting train routes to enjoy in Asia during your next visit.

1. Bangkok- Chiang Mai

Location: Thailand

Train travel time: 13 hours

This is one of the most serene train routes of Thailand. You would be traveling overnight on this train. There wouldn’t be much of light to see after dusk. However, the iconic element of this train route is spotting the sunrise in the hilly region of the North Thailand countryside. The train covers some of the lush green regions of the countryside allowing you to enjoy nature’s beauty as you ride. The train crosses the plains of Thailand with small cities here and there to expose the lifestyle of the land. You can find paddy fields, temples, and others with a background of mountains during your trip.

Bangkok- Chiang Mai

2. Palace on Wheels

Location: India

Train travel time: Seven nights and Eight days

This is the pioneer luxury train of India, covering eminent destinations like Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Sawai Madhopur, and others. The train cabins are refurbished ancient royal carriages fitted with some of the modern technologies and amenities. Starting from a gym to restaurant, you can find numerous facilities on the train. The train is fitted with large windows for you to enjoy the rolling panoramic views of colorful India as the train glides from one destination to another. The Palace on Wheels train is famous for expressing every tourist element of India like nature, heritage, culture, cuisine, and hospitality.

Palace on Wheels

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3. Reunification Express

Location: Vietnam

Train travel time: 36 hours

This train route covers some of the historic cities of Vietnam to express the heritage of the land. This route is also called the North-South Railway. Covering more than a thousand miles, this train covers the best panoramic view of the cities between Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. If you wish to enjoy the culture and history of the land, this is one of the best ways to cover Vietnam.

Reunification Express

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4. Beijing Lhasa Express

Location: China

Train travel time: 40 hours

This train covers some of the most diverse landscapes of the region. Running from Beijing to Lhasa, this train covers imperial structures of Beijing, monasteries of Lhasa, remote hill routes, Tibetan plateaus and much more with a clear background of mountains and blue horizons. You get to enjoy the culture and cuisine of the land inside the train. The train route also covers some of the urban parts of China. As you reach closer to the remote areas, you can spot many monks and even smell the butter candles and incense used in rituals, in air. This train journey gives you a pedestal to enjoy the route from a panoramic view.

Beijing Lhasa Express

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5. Jungle Train

Location: Malaysia

Train travel time: 12 hours

This is a very short route, provided that a large part of this twelve-hour journey goes off in dark as it is an overnight train. This route covers just 480 km of nothing but plantations of tea, rubber, and other estates. Some of the regions of this jungle were industrialized by the British and you can get a nostalgic view of the colonized Malaysia view. You can spot tall cliffs overlooking fast rivers, lush vegetation and most of all, raw nature in its beauty. The berths, facilities, and accommodation of the train are quite simple and the train gets its fame from its view and nature.

Jungle Train

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6. Eastern and Orient Express

Location: Bangkok – Singapore

Train travel time: three nights and four days

This is one of the famous luxury trains of the continent. This train’s iconic emerald green look with private cabins fitted with luxury amenities have been embedded as exotic beauty in the tourism industry of Asia. The Eastern and Orient Express has numerous routes covering different destinations on different continents. Even the least expensive tour of this train would give you a slice of royalty. Apart from the luxury elements and gourmet food, the train covers some of the mind-blowing routes. The train’s route is designed to cover the culture and heritage of the land. You get to enjoy the natural beauty and the lifestyle of the people with a luxurious pampering throughout your vacation.

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Eastern and Orient Express

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7. Dhaka – Sreemangal Route

Location: Bangladesh

Train travel time: 11 hours or longer

If you wish to enjoy the diverse beauty of Bangladesh, this is the best route to cover. Starting from the Technicolor urban area of Dhaka to banana fields of Sreemangal, this route is the line that covers everything. During your trip, you will easily spot ancient towering mosques, lemon groves, tea plantations, temples, Buriganga River, and others. If you choose the faster trains, it will cover the route in just 11 hours, overnight. You will not have much light during the journey to enjoy these beauties.

8. Shimla Toy Train

Location: India

Train travel time: six hours

This toy train running between Kalka and Shimla is a heritage site of India. This train has been on tracks since 1903 and covers a breathtaking route of mountains, pine forests, hill towns, valleys, waterfalls and much more. The route is laid through 102 tunnels, more than 900 curves and 860+ bridges. The train route helps you witness the beauty of the Himalayan kingdom. The train takes curves and turns to reach the altitude of 2076 meter above sea level. This train travel is considered as an important tourist attraction and also an eminent romantic activity.

Shimla Toy Train

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9. Royal Express Japan

Location: Yokohama – Shimoda (Japan)

Train travel time: three hours

This is one of Japan’s latest luxury trains providing a luxury voyage along the Izu Peninsular. This train provides beauty inside and outside the train. There is a piano room on the train, where you can enjoy performances. Starting from the children’s play area to the library, you can find numerous attractions inside the train. The train’s decor represents the beauty of the culture with calligraphic style paintings, gold ceiling carriages, traditional Japanese paper design and so on.

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The panoramic windows will help you spot the misty beauty of the route, wildflowers, historic structures and much more. The train also provides a round trip, in which, the tourists are taken for a sightseeing tour at the destination, accommodated in a luxury hotel and then returned back via train. The train journey also introduces you to the oriental cuisine of the land with sushi, seaweed cookies, delicacies made with red beans and so on.

Royal Express Japan

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10. Kandy to Ella

Location: Sri Lanka

Train travel time: seven hours

This train route was laid by the colonial rule in Sri Lanka. This route covers numerous plantations. The best way to embrace the natural beauty of the land is by choosing a ticket in the glass observation car. If you open up the windows, you could feel the fresh forest air and smells of fresh pineapple and mangoes. The route is mostly shades of green. Starting from tea plantations to dense forest regions, the train will take you on a roller coaster natural trip. The train is a vintage vehicle and the stations it passes through were built during the colonial times. This gives you a nostalgic look and the blend of nature to this will make the tour more enchanting.

Kandy to Ella

The magical touch of a train journey is always mysteriously beautiful. Sometimes, this magic comes from the route through which the train glides through and sometimes, it is all about how the train expresses the beauty of the land with its decor, culture, amenities, and pampering. Train journeys are the best way to get a better insight about the heart of any destination and if you wish to take a vacation of a lifetime, you deserve a train journey.

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