Holi Color of Festival – Celebrate Holi in Rajasthan 2020

Rajasthan, the land significant with its own charm and vigour embraces the festival of colours, Holi and it attracts tourists from across the globe. On 10th of March 2020, the desert land will decorate itself in vibrant colours owing to the festive date.

Every year it’s celebrated on the day of full moon in March and signifies the arrival of spring with rich agricultural harvest. Throwing and smearing bright hued colors on whoever passes by is a custom and fun-making activity by all age groups and trust me, nobody will shout at you complaining you made their clothes dirty!

It is during this time that people come from across the globe to experience the colourful festival. There are several rituals observed along with Holi, which make it even more special.

Now, let us know about some of these distinct rituals and associated festival.

Braj Mahotsav

Celebrated in Braj region of Bharatpur district of Rajasthan for 3 days, is Braj Mahotsav. It is dedicated to the childhood of Lord Krishna as well as the eternal love of Radha and Krishna. People celebrate this Mahotsav by wearing new vibrant colourful clothes and singing, dancing and playing with colours!

Braj Mahotsav in Bharatpur

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Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan or the traditional bonfire is celebrated to mark the victory of goodness over evil. Not only Rajasthan but across the country the bonfire is lit up! There is a myth associated with this tradition. Holika, the well-known demoness and aunt of Prahlad was burnt to death with the help of Lord Vishnu. She had received a special shawl from Lord Brahma as a boon which could save her from burning flame.

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As per the myth, she at on fire with Prahlad on her lap with the evil intention to burn her niece to death, but what happened is tradition still followed till date! Prahlad prayed to Lord Vishnu with all his heart as a result of which a harsh wind blew away her magic shawl and burnt her while saving the kid.

Generally, the children and youngsters lit up the bonfire the day before Holi and shower abuses towards the demoness, even today with the belief of burning all negative vibes in the bonfire.

Holika Dahan

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Dhulandi Festival

It is exclusive to Jaipur and is held the day after Holika Dahan (traditional bonfire) to welcome the season of spring. Celebrations continue in the form of throwing colours, folk song and traditional dance events.

Dhulandi Festival

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Mali Holi

Men from the Mali community throw colours on their wives and the women folk respond back by hitting them with sticks or a piece of cloth! It is unique to this Mali community which brings all the local folks close to each other.

Dolchi Holi

Dolchi Holi is celebrated in Bikaner by only the men folk of Harsh and Vyas communities in Rajasthan since the last 300 years. Surprisingly, colours are not used here, instead water is thrown to each other in small vessels made from camel skin, known as Dolchi.

It’s an amazing view in the market places heavily crowded with people busy selecting their favorite hues from among the several coloured powders placed in queue– red, blue, pink, magenta, yellow, green!

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So, this Holi pack your bags and set your foot on the land of desert to shine in colours like never before.

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