Ghoomar – Traditional Dance Form of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is well known for its vibrant colors and diverse art forms, customs & traditions. There are several music, songs, folk dance and traditional performances held here. Diverse tribes in the state performed these dances as entertainment for Kings and rulers of ancient times. One of the greatest dance forms with global credit and fame is Ghoomar.

Back here in India, this dance sequence was part of the controversial movie ‘Padmavat’ which was not screened in theaters in certain regions. Here are all the details Why Ghoomar is One of the World’s Best Local Dances. The costumes, choreography, attitude and excitement in the dance sequences highly signifies the rich culture & rituals of Rajasthan.

History of Ghoomar

In ancient times, the cities of Rajasthan were regions ruled by Kings. Jodhpur was earlier known as the Marwar region which is famous for its vibrant rituals, customs and dance forms. The famous community in Rajasthan performs this popular dance form called Ghoomar.

Dancers dress colorfully and dance during major Hindu festivals like Diwali, Holi and also special occasions. It was first created by the Bhil tribe and now made its way to various other communities in Rajput & Rajasthan. It is believed that the two communities embraced this folk dance form to signify peace.


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Significance of Ghoomar

The community dance form called Ghoomar is not only done with happiness and for entertainment. It actually signifies womanhood. Young girls and females take part in these dance shows to openly declare to the world that they have taken on the role of a ‘woman’.

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In other words, they are launched into womanhood. It is an riveting truth about this particular folk dance. The dance performance was originally connected to worshiping Goddess Saraswathi but is now a colorful entertainment dance.

Ghoomar Folk Dance Performance

Ghoomar from marwar is performed with high energy and enthusiasm by both women & men at special events and festivals. One such major festival where you can witness the graceful movements of this dance is at the Teej Festival.

It is also performed at wedding ceremonies too. An important custom for newly wedded brides is to perform this the moment she enters the house of the newly wedded groom. This is another kind of traditional significance of this entire dance called Ghoomar.

Ghoomar Folk Dance Performance

Major Destinations of Rajasthan Perform Ghoomar

Traditional Costumes: True Essence of Ghoomar

The attire in the dance is one of the most important portion of the performance. Women are dressed in traditional Ghagra & Chaniya which is the true essence of the folk performance especially when they perform the particular dance step – Ghoomna. This means to rotate and the dancers twirl & spin that showcases the vibrant colors & sequins and lights reflection in the heavy mirror work on the fabric. It looks like a kaleidoscope of colors going round in a whirlwind especially with jewelery such as Kundan & Silver.

Traditional Outfit Ghoomar

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Ghoomar – Richness Of Customs & Traditions

Also known as Jhumar and meaning to ‘turn around’ the traditional folk dance form showcases the origin & culture of Rajasthani people. By watching this dance you will get an opportunity to witness the richness of Rajasthani customs, culture & traditions.

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The ethnic wear Ghagra Choli, enthusiastic spinning dance steps, how they balance pots gracefully while performing the dance, the traditional fabric, gaudy jewelery & colorful bangles. All this showcases the traditions, rituals, dressing, and culture of major communities in Rajasthan.

The Popularity of Ghoomar

In the recent past, this graceful folk dance performance grew in popularity not only within the country but all over the globe. The fact that these dance steps have got into the ‘world’s most amazing folk dance form title around the world. Famous international tourist websites have also ranked this dance form as fourth most popular dance in the world.

We see many young girls and men also performing the dance moves even though it signifies womanhood or is for new married life, or a rite for passage, etc. There is no strict rule about who can dance because it is entertainment. So, if you visit Rajasthan anytime make sure to see the colorful twirling and energetic dance steps of folk dance performers. Be a part of the Ghoomar by visiting Rajasthan through the Palace on Wheels India, famous luxury train for Rajasthan helps you to see the rich culture and heritage of India.

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