Five Exceptional Tips For a Luxury Vacation in India

With luxury trains, sunset cruise, heritage palace hotels, houseboats and spa resorts, India is just the place for anyone looking for a luxury experience. You can get the best in this country to get a pampered time. Basked with history of royal lifestyle, this tropical paradise has signature luxury elements right for you.

People always make blunders in planning a luxury vacation and end up spending a lot more for a nominal experience. In simple terms, people end up having an expensive vacation and not a luxury vacation.

We have drafted five exceptional tips that will help you enjoy a luxury vacation in India.

Luxury Trains

If you want 24/7 luxury time, it is best to enjoy luxury train. Unlike resorts and cruises, the luxury element stays in the vacation throughout the day. There are numerous luxury trains like Palace on Wheels, Maharajas Express, Deccan Odyssey and Golden Chariot. You will be presented with an exclusive itinerary that includes iconic destinations, get-away spots, heritage sites, wildlife attractions and others as you desire.

Each train has different set of itineraries for you to choose depending on your vacation time, season and choice of destination and so on. During this itinerary, you will be taken around in a heritage train that has all top-notch amenities, signature restaurants and others. You can also enjoy other facilities like gym, souvenir shop, conference room, lounge room and others.

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Our Small and Adorable Guest of Palace on Wheels

Our Small and Adorable Guest of Palace on Wheels

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Choosing Luxury Accommodation

There are heritage palaces, inspired boutique resorts, royal abode and a lot other places to enjoy luxury time. Just because a resort charges you more or gives up many amenities, it does not mean that it is the height-of-luxury. The best method to choose a luxury accommodation is to take into account the additional services provided like camping, spa, courtyard dinner, polo, heritage walks and others.

The hotel that you choose should be able to re-create a unique experience. Some prefer hotels in exotic natural locations like cardamom plantations of Kerala, Aravalli mountain ranges, extraordinary beach location and so on. This unique geographical location adds more uniqueness to the vacation. There are people who prefer moderate accommodation in exotic landscapes like tree house resorts, wildlife resorts and others.

Ranthambore Kothi Resort

Ranthambore Kothi Resort

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The Dining Factor

It is not about spending hundreds of dollars on a standard burger that defines luxury. It is about trying to taste different ingredients that you cannot lay hands on easily. You can find high-end multinational restaurants in India where you can enjoy a luxury dining.

If you are ready to enjoy new experience, you ought to taste exotic dishes. Choose your restaurants wisely. Signature restaurants with seasonal menu is the best luxury dining experience to enjoy. If you want to add more value to the food, you can choose restaurants that provide live cultural performances, seasonal delicacies and exceptional service.

1135AD restaurant in Jaipur

1135 AD Restaurant in Jaipur

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Luxury is also linked with the nature. You cannot expect top-notch luxury in a vacation focused on temple towns, heritage villages and others. You need to choose your destination wisely. Check out all luxury elements available in each destination.

This includes food, accommodation, activities, attractions and modernity. Today, modernity holds a larger value for luxury. There are a lot of interesting place to enjoy a luxury vacation in India like Rajasthan, Andaman, Karnataka, Kerala and so on.

Oberoi Rajvilas Jaipur

Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur Rajasthan

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Exotic activities

A simple activity costing more is just a costly activity and not a luxury activity. You need to pick ones that can re-define your vacation. Rareness adds more value to your vacation. Choosing to stay in a luxury palace in Rajasthan is no match to enjoying a moonlit dinner in the middle of the desert in a luxury camp, with cultural activities like fire dance, belly dance, puppet shows and others.

You are bestowed with many exotic activities in India like sunset cruise on backwaters, exotic beach activities like surfing, hot air ballooning, camel safari, elephant rides, floating palaces, signature spa treatment and so on.

Jiva Spa at taj Lake Palace

Jiva Spa at Taj Lake Palace, Rajasthan

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It is wise to read about the activity or place in detail, surf reviews and compare before booking. If you are not sure about choosing the right elements of luxury vacation, you can always choose reputed travel agents. Many travel agents provide luxury packages for different destinations. These packages includes top-notch destinations in India. The itinerary includes luxury accommodation, comfortable travelling, exotic activities and signature dining experience.

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