The Decor Inside the Palace on Wheels Train

Through its name, the Palace on Wheels depicts its royalty and grandiosity directly to its followers without any need of references and proofs. Actually, what the name the train is holding is absolutely correct, because it is really like a moving Palace on Wheels. Simply, every bit of the train interior decors reflecting the rich glory of the past royal times does the right justification to the name Palace on Wheels. Overall, the royal decors of the Palace on Wheels made it top in the world to choose it for a royal treat journey experience.

The reason behind the grandiosity of Palace on Wheels

For every wonder, there will be a reason behind its popularity. In the same way, the reason behind for the fantastic decors of the Palace on Wheels is due to adopting the replicas of erstwhile royal carriages of Rajputs, Nizams and Viceroys of British.
In 1982, Palace on Wheels had set a trademark in luxury trains era by equipping royal carriages to it. From that day to till today many modifications and alternations were done to the train but still, it looks noble and opulent with the same charisma as like as before. So, you understand that such a wonderful decors were maintaining to the train.

Now it’s time to know how the train’s royal decors mesmerize us.

Decors of the Palace on Wheels

Every portion of the train promotes some beautiful decors representing the royalty of Rajputana adorned with mind-blowing grandeur set-up. So to get known about them, let’s have a look how beautifully the Palace on Wheels was decorated.

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Mainly, the marvelous decors of all the 14 coaches of the train keep you in amaze. Such a beautiful and pretty decorative interiors were adorned to the Palace on Wheels coaches. An interesting thing is every coach was decorated according to the attractions of the name it holds. Totally, the 14 coaches named after the princely states of Rajputana reflects grand decor interiors.

Palace on Wheels Coaches

Palace on Wheels Coaches

Here it is explained how the coaches and other cabins of Palace on Wheels adorned in a detailed manner.

Reflective Decors of Rooms or Suites

The decors of Palace on Wheels rooms or suites seems to be very attractive. Why because the furnishings and things available, projects the theme color of the room as it is like. It means, if the room interiors are in red color, then everything will be equipped in the room with the reflecting color of red look. Like this, different rooms decorated in various styles look very beautiful and impressive.

Moreover, the lounge of Palace on Wheels is also adorned with royal designer ceilings and furniture. The glimpse of golden colored walls and red colored furnishings gives a regal touch to the lounge also.

Palace on Wheels Lounge

Palace on Wheels Lounge

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Awe-Inspiring Decorative Styles

Miniature paintings, wall to wall carpeting, colorful chandelier light setting, etc are some of the most common attractive decors of the train. But some special decorative arts of the Palace on Wheels makes everyone to leave in awe-struck. Especially, some coaches are known for this special attractive decors.

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Particularly, different painting styles adorned to the walls of the train really tempts you to stay there gazing at them. Usage of oil mix paintings in Alwar, Bharatpur and Bikaner coaches are the best examples to see the wonderful painting arts. Among all, Ragmala oil paintings are the finest painting styles decorated to the Palace on Wheels. And then, Bharatpur coach’s paintings representing different bird species on a tree is an extraordinary thing and the canvas of Bikaner coach depicting the lovers Dhola and Maru is also a lovely art.

After paintings decors, mirror and ceiling decorative works stuns everyone with their intricate designs. Importantly, some coaches of the train exhibit mind-blowing mirror and ceiling work. Jaisalmer coach is a fine example to witness intricate ceiling work which was decorated with carved jharokhas. In the same way, Jhalawar coach’s colorful play of shades due to the mirror works is also the best interior decor.

At last, the remaining awing decors of the train are the different architectural works. What are they mean Zardozi, Teak-ply and Phad works. Among this three, Zardozi is a popular decor style. It is a type of embroidery work with gold and silver threading which gives regal look. That’s why in many coaches of the train Zardozi work was used.

These are the amazing attractive decorative works are used to decorate the Palace on Wheels. Due to all this, the train looks royal and opulent.

More details of Palace on Wheels:

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Royal Restaurants of Palace on Wheels

Already as we all know, Palace on Wheels comprises two lavish restaurants “Maharajah” and “Maharani”. As like as the names, the restaurants are also decorated with wonderful decorative things. Each restaurant in different color portrays its royalty and uniqueness. First of all, the Maharajah restaurant in the complete golden aura with well-equipped furnishings look fantastic. Even tables and curtains of the restaurant everything glows in rich golden color. Same as like Maharajah, Maharani restaurant adorns in complete milky sky blue color. But when compared to Maharajah restaurant, Maharani looks regal and lovely with its gripping decors.

Maharajah Restaurant of Palace on Wheels

Maharajah Restaurant of Palace on Wheels

Maharani Restaurants of Palace on Wheels Restaurants

Maharani Restaurants of Palace on Wheels

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For online booking of Palace on Wheels train, you can Frequently Asked Questions here.

With all like this, Palace on Wheels train always gives a perfect outlook from inside and outside. No doubt, Palace on Wheels is the best and first pick if anyone wants to enjoy a royal journey amid royal decors. So through all this, we can understand that if we step in Palace on Wheels means maybe we feel that we are really in Palace due to all these fabulous decors.

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