Traveling in India by Palace on Wheels: Your Top 10 Questions and Answers

Renovated Palace on Wheels

Especially for tourism, India is a lovely destination in the world to explore its beauty. In such a wonderful destination just think how it will be traveling through Palace on Wheels? It’s just exceptional and not easy to describe in a few words. The Palace on Wheels, India’s top-rated luxury train is a fantastic voyage to discover the iconic tourist

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What are the Facilities Provided onboard the Palace on Wheels Train?

Palace on Wheels Facilities

The Palace on Wheels train provides exclusive regal facilities and amenities to impart luxury in every element of your vacation, starting from showering to sightseeing. To do so, the train is fitted with numerous facilities, which are some of the marvels of science and engineering. Here are the top facilities in the Palace on Wheels train. Cabin Facilities The cabin hold

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Belmond Royal Scotsman – Luxury Train Journey to Scotland

Belomond Royal Scotman

Belmond Royal Scotsman Luxury train will travel through the Scottish Highlands. It is a beautiful experience with ever-changing landscapes, mirror-calm lochs, rugged shores, sweeping glens and peak towers. This luxurious train will accommodate only 36 guests at a time and offers personal attention and maximum comfort. You can even stretch and relax in this luxurious train journey. The Belmond Royal

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