Top 5 Camel Safari Destinations in Rajasthan

We know that India is a well-known destination for a number of different and interesting ride activities. And the one which is very popular and everyone wants to experience it, is the camel safari. Rajasthan deserts and the Northern part of India are the best spots for camel safaris in India.

Some may think that Rajasthan deserts are the only known destinations for camel safaris, but also some cold places in India also known for camel safaris. In cold regions, you can experience a camel back ride on a two-humped Bactrian camel. However, a joy ride on camel back by enjoying the tourist attractions of the region will last as the best moment.

Here is the list of top camel safari destinations in India to get a joyful ride on the camel.

1. Jodhpur

Jodhpur is the largest city in Rajasthan amid the great Thar Desert. In whole Rajasthan, if you ask for the best place for camel safari means everyone suggests you Jodhpur. A camel safari in this place is the best option to seek the desert attractions by enjoying the camel ride.

Through the camel safari in Jodhpur, you can access to different tourist attractions of Jodhpur and most importantly the rustic villages around the Thar desert are the best spots can be viewed through camel safaris.

Best places to be seen

In Jodhpur, what to explore through camel safari are the Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mandore Gardens, Girdikot, Bishnoi villages etc.k

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort

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2. Bikaner

Bikaner, the gateway of the Thar desert is an ideal place for camel safaris. The best-recommended thing to do in Bikaner is the night camps at the villages which are very close to the Thar desert. During the night camps, you can enjoy the beautiful folk performances by the villagers of Bikaner. It is the best place for rustic attractions of Thar desert to experience through the camel safaris.

Best places to be seen

Through camel safaris, what to see in Bikaner are the Junagarh Fort, Leh Palace and the villages of Nokha, Baru, Kanasar, Tadana Mohangarh etc.

Junagarh Fort

Junagarh Fort

3. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, India’s well-known desert destination. Here it is very common and easy to take a ride on a camel. The Sam sand dunes of Jaisalmer are the best spots for camel safaris to experience the desert area. In Jaisalmer, camel rides mostly routed to different nearby villages to get a glimpse of architectural ruins, temples, etc. During the safari trails, you can see many medieval architectural monuments in Jaisalmer. Are you want to enjoy the camel safari in Jaisalmer, you can travel through the India’s Palace on Wheels train which offers world-class facilities onboard the train.

Best places to be seen

Villages you will come across through the camel safaris are the Bada Bagh known for Bhatti Rajput kings tombs, Baisakhi, Ramkund etc. At these villages, you can see many historic temples and some architectural ruins.

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Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer

Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer

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4. Pushkar

When we heard the name Pushkar, the first thing get a strike in our mind is Pushkar’s camel fair. Pushkar is a well-known destination for camels, simply it’s like the home of camels.

Every year during November, this city will be crowded with people due to the Pushkar’s camel Fair. At this fair, you can witness the dancing camels and race between camels etc a lot. Here also you can pick the best camel safari trails during the fair to different places of the city.

Best places to be seen

The best places can be experienced through camel safaris in Pushkar are the trails along the banks of the river and some interesting places in Pushkar.

Camel Fair, Pushkar

Camel Fair

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5. Mandawa

Mandawa is a famous town near Delhi which is very popular for old havelis and historic architectural attractions. This small town is quite popular for camel safaris to see the tourist attractions of the town. And the vicinity villages of this town near to the Thar desert are the best spots for camel safaris to see desert attractions. In this town camel safaris is the most preferable act everyone chooses to see the nearby the nearby desert attractions.

Best places to be seen

What are the places you can enjoy with camel safaris in this town are mostly trips to the Dhaka village. Here you can experience the sand dunes and environment of Thar desert.

Old Havelis

Old Havelis

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