Best Trains from Delhi to Jaipur

Delhi is connected to almost all major destinations in the country. Jaipur is another important destination and a major city of Rajasthan. Delhi and Jaipur are connected every day via several trains. It takes roughly four and a half hours to reach Jaipur from New Delhi. Read More A Complete Guide on Indian Railways.

Where to Board?

There are numerous train stations in New Delhi and the most popular one is the New Delhi Railway Station located closer to Paharganj (NDLS). You can find trains to Jaipur very frequently from this station. You can also find trains from other Delhi stations like Old Delhi Railway Station (DLI) located in Old Delhi near Chandhni Chowk and the Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station (DEE), which is located in North Delhi.

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Luxury Trains

1. Palace on Wheels

If you are not planning on halting your journey at Jaipur, you can choose luxury trains. Many luxury trains starts from Delhi station and run through different destinations including Jaipur. The best of all is the iconic Palace on Wheels train, which starts from Delhi station every Wednesday. Know More Top 15 Reasons to Choose Palace on Wheels to Experience India.

If you are planning to ride in Palace on Wheels, remember that the demand for the train is very high and the tickets have to be booked at least two to three months prior to the departure date. If you are looking forward for a vacation with Palace on Wheels, than book the Palace on Wheels train online to get started.

Palace on Wheels

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Complete Guide of Palace on Wheels:

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Morning Trains

2. 12015 Ajmer Shatabdi Express

As the name ‘Shatabdi’ indicates, it is one of the fast moving trains and it a very convenient option too. This train starts at 6:05 AM from New Delhi station and reaches Jaipur by 10:40 am. This train has varying price according to the availability.

Cost of Executive Chair car ticket – INR 1303 per head

Cost of AC chair ticket – INR 800 per head (Can go as low as INR 600 per head)

Meals are included in the tariff. The train will be clean and punctual. There is also foreign tourist quota in this train.

Did you know?

International tourists can book tickets under Foreign Tourist Quota from the International Tourist Bureau, which is located in New Delhi Railway Station.

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3. 12215 Delhi Sarai Rohilla – Bandra Garib Rath Express

This train is also considerably a fast moving train but, not as fast as the previous one. This is a cheaper option for budget travelers. The Garib Rath trains are economic class but, are quite decent and clean. The train starts at Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway station at 9:20 AM and reaches Jaipur by 2:10 PM. The train runs only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of every week. Only third class AC is available and the cost is INR 453 per head.

4. 14321 Ala Hazrat Express

This morning train starts from Old Delhi Station at 11:45 AM and reaches Jaipur by 5:20 PM. This train does not start from Delhi. Thus, there are chances that the train runs off the clock by several minutes. It is not an ideal option for those who have a deadline to keep. The train is at average when it comes to cleanliness and food. Foreign tourist quota is available in this train. The train runs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

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Cost of 2A ticket – INR 780 per head

Cost of 3A ticket – INR 548 per head

Sleeper class ticket – INR 205 per head

Afternoon and Evening Trains

5. 12916 Ashram Superfast Express

This train starts from Old Delhi Station at 3:20 PM and reaches Jaipur by 8:25 PM. The train has excellent cleanliness and food. Ticket availability is higher, mainly because of the high cost. The train also provides foreign tourist quota.

Cost of first class AC – INR 1,382 per head

Cost of second class AC – INR 830 per head

Cost of sleeper class – INR 315 per head

6. 12986 Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Jaipur Double Decker AC

This train starts at New Delhi at 5:35 PM and reaches Jaipur by 10:05 PM. When it comes to afternoon and evening trains, this is the fastest option. This train has high quality food and is punctual. This train has foreign tourist quota.

Cost of Executive chair ticket – INR 1193 per head

Cost of AC chair class ticket – INR 487 per head


7. Jayanti Rajdhani Express

This evening train starts at 7:55 PM and reaches at 12:20 AM in Jaipur. Before reaching Jaipur, the train stops at two destinations. The cost of the ticket varies with availability.

Cost of first class AC – INR 1,733 per head

Cost of second class AC – INR 1,502 per head

Cost of third class AC – INR 1,059 rupees

The train runs seven days a week and is very clean and punctual. The train has foreign tourist quota.

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FAQ’s related to Delhi to Jaipur Train:

Q. Which is the fastest train from Delhi to Jaipur?

A. The fastest train between Delhi to Jaipur is ADI SjRajdhani, which takes 4h 25m to arrive at the destination.

Q. How many trains are there between Delhi and Jaipur?

A. There are a total of 24 trains running between Delhi and Jaipur.

Q. When does the first Delhi to Jaipur trains leave?

A. The first train from Delhi to Jaipur is HW UDZ Express, with a flight at 00:56

Q. When does the last Delhi to Jaipur trains leave?

A. Rajasthan S Kranti is the last train between Delhi to Jaipur with flight at 22:25 from Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station (DEE)

Q. From which stations in Delhi we can board trains to Jaipur?

A. The boarding stations for all Delhi to Jaipur trains are the New Delhi Railway Station, Old Delhi Railway Station, Shahdara Railway Station, Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station, Delhi Cantt.

Q. What is the distance covered to reach Jaipur from delhi?

A. The distance between New Delhi to Jaipur is 268 km by road and 288 km by Rails.

Q. Which is the slowest train between Delhi and Jaipur?

A. The slowest train is the Sainik Express that travel 402 kilometers in 9 hours 35 minutes.

Q. Which is the best train from Delhi to Jaipur?

A. The best train  from Delhi to Jaipur is the Ajmer Shatabdi Express.

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