10 Advantages of Choosing Trains to Explore the World

When it comes to traveling faster, it is always best to fly. When it comes to traveling better, it is always the trains. Train travel across countries, continents and even the entire world has been one of the top travel bucket list items for numerous travel enthusiasts around the world. What is so beautiful about train travel?

Here are the 10 important pros of choosing trains to explore and experiment the world.

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1. A Green Way to Travel

Do you know that trains are more eco-friendly because trains require 20% lesser fuel than airplanes and 30% lesser fuel than even the most fuel-efficient car to travel? It is not just about consuming fossil fuels and energy. Trains produce considerably lesser noise than the other modes of transportation and with electric trains, the CO2 emission is also very less. Thus, trains are considered to be one of the most greener ways to travel, unless you are planning to cover the destination on foot or on a bicycle.

Eco-Friendly Trains

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2. The Travel is a Vacation by itself

When you board a flight, you would be flying for a few hours before you reach your destination for a vacation. However, with trains, the moment your train starts, your vacation starts too. The changing sceneries, relaxed environment and the cultural friendliness you receive from fellow travelers, train travel would magically start your vacation. You could say the same for a car drive when it comes to sceneries and the feel of vacation.

However, with driving, your entire concentration has to be on the road, watching out for vehicles from all directions, checking GPS, calculating when to stop for gas and so on. With train travel, you are free for all those responsibilities. Sit back and relax the sceneries or engage your mind with a lively book.

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3. Comfortable for a Family Vacation

Have you ever tried traveling with a toddler in a car? As they grow up, car travel isn’t going to be easy. Confining kids into a metal container speeding through highways with nothing but plain roads to stare is not a great idea if you are looking for a calm vacation. Kids in an airport is another disaster even before you board the flight.

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Have you ever tried convincing a kid to put a seat belt because the seat belt sign is ‘on’? With little legroom in flights and cars, it becomes harder for senior citizens to travel. Well, in today’s world, even those nearing late 30s would find it hard to cramp their legs in the same position. How on earth would your vacation destination be more cheerful, when you visit it with leg cramps, screaming babies and angry teenagers?

On the other hand, trains are more comfortable. Kids can move around, senior citizens can relax, teenagers can have their own private space and most importantly, you will be relaxed and ready for your vacation.

comfort of train travels

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4. Better Food Options

Not all stalls in the railway station is perfect. In the same way, there are many trains, which provide mediocre meals. However, if you choose the right train, you can dine like a royal. There are luxury trains that provide five-course meals during travel. If you are looking for economical trains, there are decent trains, which are far cheaper than airlines and better food than airlines. There is a scientific reason why airline food tastes bland and weird. Due to the altitude you are flying and the pressure on your body, your body’s ability to perceive taste and smell will be altered. Thus, you would not be able to enjoy the food in the tray.

If there is no buffet car, you can always choose food from vendors at train stations. The best part is that you have a lot of options. This is never possible in a plane. When it comes to a car drive, not all routes are rich with restaurants. What would happen if you miss one and not find another for the next couple of hours? With trains, there is always a food option closer to you.

Good Food Options

Are you looking for a royal dining while traveling? You ought to choose luxury trains like the Palace on Wheels. Explore Palace on Wheels Restaurants to view about the dining facilities in Palace on Wheels.

Some information of Palace on Wheels:

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5. You Reach Inside the City

Trains are much older and have been inaugurated as a part of any city or town. In fact, most of the cities around the world are built around a train station. Airports became popular in recent years and thus, they were built outside the city, due to lack of space. Even the busiest airports would be at least a few tens of kilometer away from the heart of the city.

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You would need to hire a cab to reach the heart of the city for sightseeing and other tourist activities. Any city with an international airport would be bubbling with traffic and thus, you would be wasting a few hours on the road towards your hotel. When you are driving, you are obviously a victim of the traffic. When it comes to trains, you de-board at the heart of the city and start your vacation, immediately.

Reach Inside the City

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6. Free Wi-Fi

There are numerous airlines, which provide internet connection while you are in flight. However, your connectivity is not stronger as you would expect as you would be several hundred miles above the ground. When it comes to cars, you might have to use your own data. Yet, it is not possible to surf and drive, without getting into a serious accident.

With train journeys, the internet is becoming a common facility in many major routes. You can be connected to your social circle throughout your travel. The most common disadvantage that people tell about train travel is the length of travel. Remember Einstein’s relativity theory – 45 minutes of no internet is far longer than 3 hours with internet facilities.

Free Wifi

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7. Finding Friends

It is not easier to make friends while flying. It might be because of the smaller legroom or fear of crash or discomfort; people lose their social skills and become moody and solitude. When it comes to trains, people come together, share and even enjoy together. At the very least, they will smile and acknowledge you. When you see a crying baby on a train, people around it would try to pacify it. When you see a crying baby on a flight, people around it would be exhausted and irritated.

Finding Friends

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8. Ease into the Vacation

If you are on a time-crunch, it is always better to choose flights over train or road transportation. However, if you are looking for a slow vacation, trains will help you ease into the culture, beauty, nature and the essence of the destination. Taking it slow is the best way to rejuvenate yourself. Instead of spending big bucks on spiritual holidays, you can take a slow train through a scenic route.

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Finding Friends

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9. No TSA and No Limit

With cars, your limit is what your car trunk could hold. When it comes to airlines, starting from the hand Sanitizer to carrying a couple of medicines would be a nightmare with the TSA. Have you ever made it through TSA with a smile and a relaxed heart? This is why air travel is so stressed. This will also put pressure on you when you are shopping at the destination for souvenirs. What would happen if the weight exceeds the limit on the way back to your home?

With trains, there is no luggage limit. There are some routes, where trains have luggage limits but, those limits are far higher than the standard airline regulations. In such cases of higher luggage weight, passengers can pay a meager amount to upgrade the amount of luggage they can hold. This upgrade cost would not eat your wallet like at the airport.


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10. A Goodnight Sleep

There is no phrase in English to express the comfort you get in a sleeper class train. The large comfortable bed with the rhythmic movement of the train would put you into a trance state of sleep with ease. This sleep cannot be enjoyed even in the business class style reclined airplane seats. If you are looking for a hotel-style sleeping experience, you can always book luxury trains to cover your destinations.

Sleeping on Train

For more details about sleeping facilities in luxury trains, explore Palace on Wheels cabins.

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In nutshell, you would have found a lot of people who are afraid of flying. Fear of train travel is not that common. This is the comfort that a train journey could provide. Trains can create a holistic vacation if you choose itinerary trains like circuit trains, luxury trains and so on. And most importantly, every train journey is a new experience by itself.

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