Pink, Blue, Brown, White City – Colorful Rajasthan


The state that has the most ‘colored cities’ – Rajasthan is colored with vibrancy, fairytale palaces, heritage culture. All the top shades are visible in these cities “Pink, Blue, Brown, White city – Colorful Rajasthan”. The royal state of north western India dazzles with opulence of the Kings palaces, ancient art, colorful fabric, and preserved culture. This is history that

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Top 15 Reasons to Choose Palace on Wheels to Experience India

Palace on Wheels

India is the country which preserves rich cultures, temples with deep meaning, majestic palaces, intense flavors, exotic smells, diversified wildlife and warm people. The biggest attraction of all the Asian countries for all the foreigners in India. The best way to enjoy these awesome places is by boarding the luxurious Palace on Wheels. Palace on Wheels is the “luxurious train

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