10 Places to Visit in Rajasthan During Monsoon

Rajasthan the royal state of India reminiscent of the bygone imperial days of the Raj but with the pride and valor of Rajput kings can often be described as a winter destination! After all, the state is known for its large desert that makes for dry, tough and harsh weathers fit for tourist attention only during the cool winter months. If you also had similar ideas, then know that you are wrong!

Monsoon while short-lived in most parts of Rajasthan is a wonderful season to visit the state. The dry terrain is watered into a green haven, plush with life as the scorching sun hides behind grey clouds soaked with rains. The arid landscape transforms into green and offers every bit of inspiration needed by a pluviophile to run to the desert during the rains!

Furthermore, the royal state has still preserved the bird of its pride the peacock which can be seen dancing in the rain in the following places to visit during Rajasthani monsoons!

Monsoon Places

Monsoon Places in Rajasthan

So, here are the top 10 places to visit in Rajasthan during the monsoon season that comes between July to August:

#1. Jalore

Tucked in the foothills of Swarnagiri Mountains, Jalore is granite and grandeur galore! The city is fenced by the mighty green Aravalli ranges that get plenty of rain during the monsoon that turns it into plush green carpet when viewed from atop. Further accentuated by the vast grey monsoon skies and the verdant greenery and great palaces and forts make for the most romantic holiday destination in Rajasthan during monsoons.

There is also a 900 year old temple atop the Sundha Mountain which is yet another major tourist attraction at this seldom visited, somewhat undiscovered mountain kingdom in the royal state.

Jalore, Rajasthan

The main attractions at Jalore are: Jalore fort, Sundha Mata Temple, Topkhana , Malik Shah’s Mosque, Sirey Mandir

The nearest airport to Jalore is at Jodhpur which is 140 km away and it is also connected to the Jodhpur railway line and trains from most major cities ply to the city.

#2. Bundi

Yet another hilly kingdom flanked by mountain ranges all around it is the city of Bundi. The place known its amazing peacocks and rainbows during the monsoon, the palace of Bundi is where the Nobel Laureate Author Rudyard Kipling found inspiration to pen down his famous novel Kim. Bundi is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan during the rainy season, with plush greenery surrounding the past kingdom.

Also, one of the most exciting things to do at Rajasthan during the monsoons is to attend the great fanfare of the infamous Teej festival at Bundi. There is also a giant waterfall roughly 30 km away from the city along with amazing lakes with glistening waters around the city of Bundi that makes it for the best monsoon destination in Rajasthan.

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Bundi, Monsoon

The main attractions at Bundi are: Bundi Palace, Raniji ki Baori, 84 pillared cenotaphs, Kshar Bagh, Jait Sagar Lake, Dabhai Kund, Naval Sagar Lake, Garh Palace

Bundi is reachable by road from Delhi, Ajmer, Jaipur and other major cities, where buses ply to and fro on a regular basis. Chittorgarh is the closest railway station and the nearest airport is situated at Jaipur, 208 km away.

#3. Alwar

Located only a short drive away from Delhi at a distance of 166 km, this place makes for an amazing monsoon destination in Rajasthan with the quintessential lushness of greens. The allure of the dense forests are further elevated by the misty mysteries of the monsoon weather and sipping coffee or tea at a quaint balcony of the famous Jaisamand Resort by the enchanting lake is like a dream for all romantics.

Hindus revere this city as the 14th century Hill Fort Kesroli is said to be built by the descendant of Lord Krishna the Hindu deity.

Alwar, Monsoon

The main attractions at Alwar are: Jaisamand Lake, Neemrana Fort , Bhangarh Fort, , Moosi Maharani Chhatri, Garbhaji Falls, Fateh Jung Gumbad,

The city is close to Delhi and regular buses from the capital city ply to and fro frequently, it is also connected to the neighboring city of Gurgaon through the NH-248A and the closest air terminal is at Delhi.

#4. Banswara

If you thought Udaipur in Rajasthan is the city of lakes then look again at this amazing city that looks even more mesmerizing in the monsoon breeze. Often said as the city of a thousand islands there are several copious lakes that dot the city, making it seem like an amalgamation of islands.

Also a mountain city, lush monsoon fed greenery will spark inspiration in even the toughest souls. There is a great dam built on the river flowing through the city called Mahi Dam and Ram Kund is a secret cave under the hill that makes for a great adventure for travelers.

banswara in Monsoon

The main attractions at Banswara are: Mahi Dam, Anand Sagar Lake, Ram Kund, Vithala Deo Temple, Talwara Temple, Diablab Lake

Udaipur houses the nearest airport to the city at 185 km, the city is also connected by regular buses from Delhi, Jaipur and Bharatpur. Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh is the nearest railway terminal to the city.

#5. Udaipur

The most iconic monsoon destination in Rajasthan, this place is unmatchable to others despite it being sometimes too crowded. The revered ‘city of lakes’ when drenched with monsoon waters offers pleasant weather and lush views of panoramic greenery walled by the mighty Aravalli range that gets a fresh velvety coat of green.

Legend has it the city was built to watch the clouds and views from the popular Fateh Sagar Lake of the after-shower skyline from the terrace is a must-see.

A panoramic view of Udaipur from the top of the Monsoon Palace

A Panoramic View of Udaipur from the top of the Monsoon Palace

If you are planning your trip to Udaipur during Monsoon through India’s Palace on Wheels. The luxury train runs between two seasons such as Peak season and lean season. Peak season is October to March and lean season is September & April. Plan your trip now!!

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More Details about Palace on Wheels:

The main attractions at Udaipur are: Udaipur City Palace, Jag Mandir, Lake Palace, Monsoon Palace, Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake

With its own airport located at the city center 25 kms away and railway station with trains connecting to major cities Udaipur is easily accessible from any part of the country. it is also connected via roads from Delhi and other neighboring cities in Rajasthan.

#6. Mount Abu

No monsoon destination list is ever complete without a mention of the majestic Mount Abu one of the most romantic hill-top tourist places in Rajasthan. The weather at the place is always nippy throughout the year which is a nice getaway from the harsh tropical sun of the state.

There are amazing spots like the Nakki Lake surrounded by greenery and filled to the brim with calm blue waters. The charm of mountains is further accentuated by the mysterious monsoon mist and moist air.

Mount Abu

The main attractions at Mount Abu are: Nakki Lake, Dilwara Jain Temple, Toad Rock View Point, Guru Shikhar, Mount Abu Sanctuary

The main city is connected by a resident railway head at the city center 18 km away from the town. The closest air terminal is at Udaipur which is 185 km away. The hill station is also well connected by road to Jaipur, Udaipur and Delhi.

#7. Pushkar

While mostly famous for its legendary Pushkar fair, the place can have its charm elevated during the height of the monsoon season as there is the giant Pushkar Lake at the center of it all.

One of the known popular former hippie destinations of Rajasthan, while November is the month to be for a trip to this city, one can get a unique glimpse of the town’s beauty on August. Also it being close to Delhi is a great spot for weekend getaways.


The main attractions at Pushkar are: Pushkar Lake, Lord Brahma Temple, Savitri Tempe, Rangji Temple and more

Connected to the numerous national highways of the Rajasthan it is easy to reach the city on road. Also Pushkar Rail Terminus is connected with Ajmer Railway Station with frequent trains plying to and fro which is situated 11 km away from the city. The closest airport to Pushkar is at Jaipur, 146 km away.

#8. Jhalawar

One of the lesser places in Rajasthan that is not yet flocked by millions of tourists, yet is amazingly beautiful is the quaint township of Jhalawar located at the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Water fed vibrant greenery and unique flora and fauna make this spot an interesting visit during the rain washed monsoon months that every leaf around the town fresh green and make the earth smell of nostalgic wet grass.

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This is the most picturesque spots to visit in the royal state during the rainy season. Despite it being a small town in the studious Kota district of the state, there are several historical spots all around the city.


The main attractions at Jhalwar are: Jhalawar Fort, Kolvi Caves, Gagron Fort, Chandrabhaga Temple, Jhalrapatan, Herbal Garden, Dwarkadheesh Temple

Connected to the Kota district this town lies on the NH 12 highway. The closest railway station is at Kota itself, and the airport to Jhalawar is at Jaipur which takes 7 hours to reach by road. The railway terminal is situated 2 hours away on road.

#9. Nagaur

Home to the nation’s largest salt water lake, this is a historic town that has its roots since the time of the Mahabharata, the famous Indian epic. A real life testimony to the past with numerous historic battle grounds and other forts and palaces, this town is beautiful during the wet monsoon season.

The famous poetess Saint Mira Bai’s birthplace, Nagaur has rich reserves of history and divinity in every brick of each architectural marvel. A view of the 20th Century Nagaur Fort is immiscible during the rainy seasons.


The main attractions in Nagaur are: Nagaur Fort, Landun, Sambhar Lake, Khimsar Fort, Jhorda, Kuchaman City

The closest air terminal to Nagaur is at Jodhpur, it is also well connected to all major Indian cities by rail and to the neighboring towns in Rajasthan via road.

#10. Tonk

A small town near Jaipur this place is a must visit during the romantic monsoons of Rajasthan. The town is famous for its grand mosques and havelis, as it was once ruled by the Pathans from Afganisthan.

Famously known as the Lucknow of Rajasthan due to the Mughal influence on the architectures of the town, this small town looks great when rain washed under the grey monsoon clouds. A great getaway from the overcrowded city of Jaipur this city is a great for release during the rainy days.


The main attractions of Tonk are: Sunehri Kothi, Bisaldeo Temple, Hathi Bhata, Diggi Kalyanji Temple, Arabic and Persian Research Institute

Ever imagined Rajasthani monsoon could be so delightful? Well, it is, more than you can imagine! So, come experience the princely charms of Rajasthani cities drenched in rain with mild breezes and verdant greenery.

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Most Popular Places to Visit in Rajasthan:

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